Monday, February 11, 2008

G A T E S . . . . .

Nothing major. So far, everything's going well. I haven't started revising "LOCKED" yet, and probably won't for a while. Complete Chaos is going smoothly, one more dungeon until Case #2 is finished. Forbidden is going smoothly as well...slow, but steady. I've actually gotten an actual life this semester, but I still take time out to devote myself to these things...because you never know...they may come in handy in the future... ;) [cue the creepy Earthbound tune]

Here are some banners made for "Gates Games." Nothing out of this world spectacular, but I tried to at least make them look interesting...for better or worse. :p

[Gates Games] With the exception of Complete Chaos, which is only a demo, you will not need to download any further software to play these games.

[Onyx 2 promos]


[Complete Chaos]

- Adrian Clyde -