Friday, December 28, 2007


Not the best artist, again, but here's pretty much how they look, except Kerri...kinda messed up on her. When you see her, think of a smaller, younger Fergie...but with red hair. And a ponytail.

Jim usually wears sunglasses, as well.

- Adrian Clyde -

Thursday, December 20, 2007


There's not really much to talk about, but I've overdosed on Forbidden these past two days, so I'll finally devote some time to that.

Well, I drew a "cover page" for it. I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but my talent is in my writing (among other things), so I'm not so worried about that.

Click to enjoy!

The guy is Brendan Marsh, the lead character, and the female is Liberty Lena. Brendan's supposed to be Native American, you can see... He doesn't really look the way I pictured him, so expect new pictures coming soon.

I've been debating whether or not I should start uploading the Forbidden "journal logs." Including the prolouge, I have five written, and I'm working for the sixth one now. I plan to have 33 "episodes" total. I wonder how long it's going to take me to write all that? lol

Hmm... I guess I should wait a little longer...

Well, that's it! Hopefully I'll have face pics of Brendan and Liberty, followed by the rest of the (starting) characters.

- Adrian Clyde -

Friday, November 30, 2007


YOUTH is upload, revised and ready to read for all curious minds.

I submitted it to, so whenever it's updated there, you can leave a message on the discussion board if you like.

Anyway, "MARK" is next on my list, and I'll begin revising that after I take my last final exam (Dec 17th).

Also, Onyx 2 and Total Chaos have now been uploaded on Caiman's site (now in the links). These are stand-alone games, so RPG Maker is not required to play them (though if you find an error that shuts the games down, please let me know!) I guess Onyx is still in the pending stage.

I wonder if I can get them all on Noodan... I don't know if they're taking submissions or not, though.

Ooooh well.

- Adrian Clyde -

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Good evening all, I completed the revision of my first story ever, TAROT CARDS, today, so that's up incase anyone's curious. YOUTH is next, though I won't start revising it until around Thanksgiving.

- Adrian Clyde -

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Revisions, revisions, revisions....


Well, I just spent a crapload of time revising this blog. I knew there were a lot of grammar and spelling errors that needed to be fixed...I was just too lazy to fix them.

Aside from that, I added in a few bits of new info here and there, and I plan (or hope) to begin revising TAROT CARDS this week, to get that put up here. That script has crazy potential, but the dialouge is old and a lil' rough...but definitely fixable. :)

Come to think of that, this would be my forth time revising that thing. Oh well, I love it, though. Will/Sydnee <3

YOUTH or MARK may follow, but the rest won't be revised until during the Christmas break. This is around the time when college becomes demanding, and I'll be happy to report that I've actually managed to get a life, so I'm not home as much on weekends. HOWEVER, I still find time to write a piece here and there, which reminds me...

I UPLOADED A NEW DEMO TODAY!!! The "mysterious game" has been revealed as COMPLETE CHAOS, however I'm only going to post it on "smaller" websites. I'm still trying to get people to play ONYX 2, for the downloads haven't exactly been stellar so far... :(


- Adrian Clyde -

Sunday, September 23, 2007

W E L C O M E ! ! !

GREETINGS to anyone currently visiting this blog. This blog (however cheap it looks) was mainly created to advertise my upcoming game, and to advertise the games I have already made (*cough*onyx2*cough*). However, for the curious mind, you can also browse through some of my previous work.

Updates concering my new "mysterious" game (or not so myserious...I'm not good at being mysterious) will be placed here excessively, so check back here if you're interested.

Until then...look through the games section. If something interests you, download it! Each game comes with a guide, but if you need further, in-depth assistance, drop a line, and I'll definitely get back to you.

Also, be on the lookout for F O R B I D D E N. For those like a some good o' horror, check back for updates concerning that.

So... Yeah, comments are appreciated definitely, but keep it tame. Criticism is encouraged, but not brutality.


- Adrian Clyde -