Complete Chaos

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           Ten years ago, a great evil was unleashed unto the world. Sealed for over one thousand years, this evil threatened to seize control over both Celestia and Earth. Joined by eleven other friends, the Celestial Prince managed to successfully defeat the foe. The world was saved, and everything returned to normal...until now.

           ERIC VENTURA, top cop of Rodger City, is sent on a mission to protect Jazz singer KYON-LEI KWON from a mysterious stalker who goes by the alias, "FACE." Eric's task takes an unexpected turn for the worse when he's suddenly confronted by a horrifying demon. Saved by an unidentified voice, Eric is given a unique set of powers, and saves the Jazz singer.

           Soon after, Eric learns about the TWELVE DEMONS of CHAOS, twelve gods who each ruled over their own world in the dimension of Realm. Their corrupted society eventually led to their downfall, and fearing of their defeat, they created three CHAOS STONES, where they hid and fled into a new dimension...Earth.

           Using human flesh as a disguise, these demons walk among the earth, some aware of their ability, some not. If the twelve demons are reunited, their original form will return... as well as their hunger for galatic domination.

           Eric and Face race to find these demons, though the battle lines aren't as defind as you'd think, once motives become clear and manipulation sinks in. Can Eric and his friend trust the voice guiding them.....or does the voice have a motive of its own?

NAME: Eric Ventura
AGE: 26
CLASS: Neutral
BRIEF BIO: Though he lived a life of poverty as a youth, Eric grew up to be very successful, achieving a very high rank in the police department after working there for only five years. Unfortunately, his relationship with Lauren Mullen proved stressful, and his performances at work have been affected by this. Chief Chep Myers gives Eric one last chance to earn his keep, the order to protect Jazz singer Kyon-Lei Kwon. Unknowing to Eric, this mission is about to change his life forever… Will he be able to handle it? 
BATTLE: As the game’s lead character, Eric is the character you’ll be using most often. Like the lead from the previous game, Eric’s class is also Neutral, meaning that he isn’t weak (nor strong) against any particularly element. Aside from Kasumi, Eric is the only character to use Healing magic, and his powerful Realm spells will prove to be useful on several occasions. His Techniques range from Gun skills, to Sword skills. The Bladed skills are slightly more powerful, but the Shot skills inflict deadly status abnormalities on the enemies.

NAME: Kyon-Lei Kwon/Anya Nent
AGE: 25
CLASS: Spell Caster
ELEMENT: Magical
BRIEF BIO: Kyon-Lei Kwon is a successful Jazz singer. She grew up fairly middle class, and didn’t begin pursuing music until advised by her vocal coach. Unfortunately, for the past year, Kyon-Lei have been stalked by a mysterious unnamed fellow. And to make matters even more troublesome, she frequently has conversations with a “voice”, who guides her. This voice leads the soul singer right to Eric Ventura. After learning about the power she has stored within, she wishes to join the crew in an effort to use it for good.
BATTLE: Kyon-Lei is the first true mage to your party. With the power of the magical elements at her disposal, Kyon-Lei shares abilities with Frida. Unfortunately, as a Spell Caster, Kyon Lei’s physical attributes are a bit weak; however, her magical attributes towers over both the Arms and Neutral characters.
NAME: Francis “Blaze” Preston
AGE: 26
CLASS: Neutral
BRIEF BIO: Though they are not blood-related, Blaze and Eric view each other as cousins (their parents were close). Eric and Blaze live separate lifestyles, though oddly enough, the two get along fairly well. Blaze is a member of a street gang called “RAZOR”. Run by Mace, the group patrols the town, stopping other gangs from bullying the citizens. Blaze is rather content with his life, despite never accomplishing anything important. However, after learning a secret from his parents concerning his past, he’s left wanting a little more.
BATTLE: Being a Neutral character, Blaze doesn’t have any weaknesses; however he isn’t strong against elements, either. Blaze, like Kasumi, Catalina and Eric, is an extremely rare character, for he is the only one who uses “Metal” spells, which works wonders if used on “Plasma” enemies. Aside from that, the majority of Blaze’s techniques consist of Physical moves, which would work great if used on magic-based enemies. Blaze’s stats, and his weapons, fall more towards average.

NAME: Phoebe Brace
AGE: 27
BRIEF BIO: Phoebe works with Eric Ventura in Rodger’s Police Station. She is not only the best female office, but one of the best officers of all, leaving many of her coworkers wondering why she has yet to receive her own office. While on the job, Phoebe can be strict. She and Eric are great friends, but horrible partners, for both believe that they would be a better leader over the other. Unfortunately for Phoebe, she was engaged to and set to marry Jonathan Peters, but he skipped town the morning of their wedding, completely devastating her. 
BATTLE: Phoebe is the first fighter to the join the party. While Phoebe learns powerful Flame magic, her true (and obvious) specialties are her Techniques. Her Shot skills are the best in the game, with many of them taking dealing several thousand health points quite early in the game. Combined with her high HP growth, excellent Hardness and Power growth, Phoebe is one heck of a powerhouse.

NAME: Cassandra-Jean Sanchez
AGE: 28
BRIEF BIO: Cassandra-Jean works as an Assassin for the World Police. She frequently travels with her partner Johnnie. The two travel the world in search of the Twelve Demons of Chaos. She behaved foolishly as youth, frequently having run-ins with the law. Unable to get work, C.J. was offered a job by Eiji Koga himself to hunt and kill demons. Eventually, C.J. managed to obtain manager position. She’s playful and sarcastic in her personal life, but she’s serious and head-strong while on the job, sort of like Eric…

BATTLE: C.J. is one of the top three fighters in the game. Her HP, Power, and Hardness growth is amazing, and her Whip techniques will prove to be useful on several occasions. In addition to her high-powered physical techniques, she also learns powerful Wind spells. Unfortunately, C.J.’s spiritual growth is not the greatest, and she’s the slowest character on the team.

NAME: Frida Morales
AGE: 24
CLASS: Spell Caster
ELEMENT: Magical
BRIEF BIO: Frida was born with the gift of magic. As a child, she’d often hear a voice in her sleep. In her late teens, she learned of a special academy for gifted children. Though she was too old to attend there, she was given a job by the owners. She worked there until her early twenties when confronted by C.J., where she learned of her true origins. Frida is a very vibrate young woman. With her child-like voice and odd, yet endearing air-headedness, Frida displays a radiant energy, warming the hearts of those around her.
BATTLE: Despite Frida’s vast similarity between Kyon, there are obvious differences between the two. Frida is physically stronger than Kyon (though not by much) and her speed is the best in the game. Unfortunately, her HP growth is a little slower, and she doesn’t learn attack techniques until late in the game.

NAME: Jonathan Peters
AGE: 26
BRIEF BIO: Growing up, Jonathan was a delinquent. He didn’t complete high school, and found himself without a future. One evening, he received a call from a recruiter from the World Police. He gladly took the job, and his life changed from there. Three years later, he met Phoebe. He earned a large income, though Phoebe never questioned his occupation. Two years later, they were set to be married, though the demon pursuit began, forcing Jonathan to take off on the day of their wedding. Will Phoebe ever forgive him for this?
BATTLE: Jonathan is the only male fighter in the game. His stats range from good to positive, with slightly higher Power, Hardness, and HP growth. His techniques are powerful, though most of them only attack one enemy. He fights with a Shuriken and other throwing objects.

NAME: George Cooley
AGE: 24
CLASS: Spell Caster
ELEMENT: Magical
BRIEF BIO: George spent much of his life behind his other brother’s shadow. Growing, the two were relevantly close until they discovered a mysterious box inside an abandoned home. After opening it, the two were blessed with the powers to summon the creatures sealed inside. Unfortunately, this had negative consequences, for while Nork became a genius, he stopped growing past eight, and George became less intelligent as he got older. Nork decided to use his new intelligence for control, and George fights to stop him.
BATTLE: George is the only male Spell Caster in the game, and out of all the mages, he has the lowest HP gain, putting him at a severely disadvantage. Fortunately, in addition to his useful buffer techniques, he can obtain powerful summoning magic, a skill that no other character possesses. His physical attributes are a bit weak, including his Speed, but his Crossbow hits all enemies on the battlefield.

NAME: Davis Richmond
AGE: 28
CLASS: Neutral
BRIEF BIO: Davis was born in Realm, but was sent to Earth at age 19 in order to prepare for an “important” task he was instructed to complete. For years, it was quiet. He later settled down and began a relationship with a woman named Marena Moore. When things were becoming serious between them, he heard a female voice, instructing him to collect the Twelve Demons of Chaos. Convinced that his “task” has finally arrived, he ended things with Marena, and began his quest, unaware of the voice’s true motives…
BATTLE: Davis is the final Neutral character to join, and the only Neutral character weak against a physical property. In addition to his Thrust techniques, he’s able to use both powerful Light and Dark spells. Because of this, he can be used as either one of the party’s fighters, or one of the spell casters. Statistic wise, he’s good in all areas except Spiritual and Speed.

NAME: Catalina Rivera
AGE: 29
BRIEF BIO: Catalina is one of the top generals in her Realm colony. Catalina’s father became severely ill a few years ago, and the treatment is over double of what she can afford. Because of this, she’s spent the past four years overworking herself. She’s had very little time for personal relationships, and T.K., a humanoid android she created herself, quickly became her only friend and companion. Nonetheless, Catalina maintains a fairly positive persona, if one a little…eccentric, at times.

BATTLE: Catalina is the last fighter to join your party. Slow to develop at first, she is the only person on the team to use Plasma attacks of any kind. Catalina has the most consistent statistics of any character in the group, strong in all attributes. Her “Gas Spill” and “Nuclear Spill” techniques can be lifesavers in battle.

AGE: 4
CLASS: Neutral
BRIEF BIO: T.K. is a human-like android that Catalina created herself, modeling his personality after her father. T.K., like most androids, was built with a “life band”, a device that senses the brainwaves of the android’s owner. T.K. mental maturity grows as Catalina’s ages, and when she dies, he’ll soon shut down as well. Like Catalina’s father, T.K. possesses a great deal of knowledge about various subjects. However, he’s strangely flirtatious, although rather poor at it, a trait unique to him.
BATTLE: T.K.’s stats tend to fall towards average. He isn’t weak in any area, nor does he excel in one. However, his techniques are fairly unique, and once he learns “Determination,” he can be used as one of your primary healers.

NAME: Kasumi Ochi
AGE: 20
CLASS: Spell Caster
ELEMENT: Celestial
BRIEF BIO: Kasumi is the princess of the Celestia, daughter of Head Master Kai Ochi and Empress Lia Ochi, whose ancestry trace back to Realm unbeknownst to Kasumi. Growing up, her life was relevantly normal despite being a princess. She attended school and hung out with friends like most young people, however at 19; she was kidnapped by Realm soldiers and was held hostage there for six months. Now finally rescued, her father has given her a special task to complete…however…can she do it, and at what cost?
BATTLE: Like T.K., Kasumi can also be used as replacement healer in the event you choose not to use Eric. Fortunately, that is not all she can do. Despite being a spell caster, Kasumi’s techniques are more offensive than her spells, with most of them being hit-all attacks. She may join the team late in the game, but with exclusives like “Condition” and “Serenity,” she is more than worth the wait!

Arrow keys: Movement

X, V or C: Open/close menu

Enter: Action key (open doors or treasures/talk)

There are three types of characters, “Spell Caster”, “Arms”, and “Neutral”. Mage characters specialize in powerful magic. Their resistances against Magical-Elements are high, but their vulnerability to Physical elements is raised as well. Fighters are just the opposites. They’re powerful in Physical, but weak in Magical. Neutral warriors aren’t vulnerable in any element; however, they aren’t resistant against any, either.
KYON-LEI KWON – Spell Caster
BLAZE - Neutral
FRIDA MORALES – Spell Caster
GEORGE HARPER – Spell Caster
T.K. - Neutral
PHYSICAL (claws, gloves) – Consists of everything physical. Weak against magic.
MAGICAL – Consists of everything magical. Weak against physical.
FLAME – Power of heat. Opposite of Ice.

FREEZE – Power of coldness. Opposite of Fire.

STORM – Power of storm. Weakened by Water.

AIR – Power of air and deadly winds. Stopped by Earth.

AQUA – Power of the sea. Is destroyed by Thunder.

EARTH – Power of the land. Settled by Wind.

LIGHT – Power of the Sacred land. Resists the Darkness.

DARK – Power of the underworld. Repels Holy.

METAL – Power of the Mind. Weakened by Plasma.

PLASMA – Power of the Body. Slowed by Metal.

REALM – Power of sin. Weakened by Celestial.

CELESTIAL – Ultimate power. Weakened by Realm.

BLADED – Power of Swords and Blades.

SHOT – Power of Guns or Blasters.

THRUST – Power of Pikes or Spears.

WHIP – Power of Whips or Chains.

ARIEL – Power of Throwing Darts.

STAFF – Power of Sticks, Rods, or Staffs.





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