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If your game crashes due to a missing "2003misc1" file, you have come to the right place:

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        The game's storyline continues directly from where the first one ended. The game focuses on EVAN SELWYN, the slightly UTR party member from Onyx. With the help of nine other young warriors, Evan succeeded in destroying the Onyx, not only saving Allumia and Earth, but dimensions all over. After returning both worlds to normal, Evan has moved on with his life. He settled down with girlfriend CHLOE ANDERSON, and remains close with old friends ZEDEKIAH CAMPBELL and VICTORIA TAYLOR. Between the fame and the money, Evan's life has been perfect....until recently.

        Three months ago, a series of cult-related murders began taking place all over Allumia, beginning in Trace Avenue, and rapidly spreading throughout. In Reyme, missing teenagers are found dead and many more are being kidnapped, with little clues as to who is committing these crimes, and the motive behind it.

        Meanwhile, on Earth, lately JADE LUAN has had a nagging feeling that something is not quite right. She cannot put her finger on it, but she believes that her world is "missing" something, as if something was purposely removed from it. She feels that her eyes are decieving her, and while friend and former ally NICOLE SILVER feels the same, she chooses to ignore it.

        In Allumia, Evan, Chloe, Zed and Vicki decide to see Enzan's yearly talent show. Once there, Evan is attacked by a strange pale-faced teenager, who claims to know him from long ago. Suddenly, Evan sees flashbacks of a "teenager in red", however he does not remember meeting such an individual.

        The pale-faced teenager runs off, and not before long, demons begin appearring all over the world. Pieces of the Onyx resurface, once again becoming an object of pursuit for many supernatural forces. Forced out of his comfort zone, Evan is pushed into the leadership position. However...things are now different. If the Onyx regain shape, its power will increase tenfold, the worlds will merge to form Vereor, Genna and Baal will return to life, and a powerful entity, said to be the "true" creator of mankind, and will be released from his cage, and will regain control over the reality he originally created.


AGE: 21
ELEMENT: Special
BIO: Last year, Evan Selywn and a group of nine other friends destroyed the Onyx, saving dimensions everywhere from total destruction. Now, he lives with his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Chloe Anderson. Lately, Evan’s been getting contacts from a guy claiming to know him, once again, pushing Evan back into the leadership position.

Evan is the game’s main character, and as such, he’ll remain a permanent member of the party. His stats are all balanced, and his techniques will prove to be useful on more than one occasion.

AGE: 21
BIO: Chloe is a childhood friend of Evan’s, and they’ve been dating as of late. She’s always been a bit of a tomboy. She speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to show her emotions. Despite her cursing and occasional sarcasm, Chloe is a relevantly sweet woman with a spunky attitude to boot.

Chloe has the best speed out of anyone in the entire game, in most cases, enabling her to go twice in one round. This makes her an extremely useful ally at nearly all points of the game. Her other attributes, as well as her skills, are all equally balanced.

AGE: 22
BIO: While growing up, Zed tormented Evan. Secretly, he envied him. He later came out as being bisexual. Zed has become a much better person because of this, and he even befriended Evan, though, he still picks on him from time to time. Zed and Vicki have several unresolved issues. He’s moved on, but has she?

Zed has one of the best Strength, Defense, and HP growth out of everyone in the game, though his Endurance, his Magic Power, and his TP growth aren’t the greatest.  

AGE: 21
BIO: Victoria used to be the girlfriend of Evan, until she dumped him for his nemeses, Zed, who then left her for another male. Because of this, her self-confidence has shrunk drastically, making her extremely bitter. Though ditzy, Vicki always says what’s on her mind with little to no regard for anyone’s feelings, making her come across as very negative.

Victoria is the first dominate spell-caster to join Evan. Typically, her magical attributes are much higher than her physical attributes. Her spells are very useful, but keep her away from Satanic enemies.
AGE: 28
ELEMENT: Physical
BIO: Lee works for the Police Force in Mepori City. He’s been said to be the master of the gun, performing better than many of his colleagues. He once dated Nana, but the two broke up due to differences in lifestyles. Lee is a jokester with the maturity of a teenager. He’s nonchalant and can’t seem to things seriously.

Lee is a pretty well-balanced character. All of his attributes are roughly the same, though his HP growth is a bit higher. His gun techniques will prove to be extremely useful on many occasions during the game.   
AGE: 22
BIO: Nana was born on Mito, Allumia’s equivalent to Africa of Earth. Nana is a very bright and well-rounded individual, always looking for new ways to educate herself. Some may mistake her for being a bit of a snob, which Nana is completely oblivious to. 

Nana is one of the best spell-casters to use during the entire game. She learns a very broad range of spells, making her extremely versatile and useful, especially during boss battles. Her strength and defense are pretty decent as well, especially for a mage character.
AGE: 17
BIO: Jennifer is a delinquent from the town of Reyme. She gets into fights and does whatever she wants without a care in the world. However, all of this is just a façade Jennifer puts on to hide from deeper issues in her life…

Jennifer is the final “true” mage to join the party. She specializes in aquatic spells, which heals the entire party as well as increase stats. In some stages in the game, she’s nearly a must-have. Additionally, Jennifer is also the physically strongest female mage, having decent Strength and Defense power.

AGE: 23
BIO: Brooke is a staff member at the Juvenile Center. She’s a kind, smart, caring woman, who always finds it in her heart to do the right thing. She moved her mother in with her to take care of her during her final days. Brooke can be naïve, and maybe even a little slow, but she’s always there to help.

Brooke’s skills mostly consist of Whip attacks. Brooke can be extremely useful in that she can serve as a spell caster and (or) a fighter, so you can use her in anyway you like.

AGE: 19
BIO: Tatton was one of the kidnapped victims of Reyme. His life isn’t great, and he suffers from emotional trauma. Tatton has a habit of shutting himself out when the sadness becomes too great for him. He lives in Reyme, though; he is keeping a dangerous secret…

Tatton can be a very useful character to have, especially during the later stages of the game. His stats are pretty high in the physical realm, making him a great fighter. He fights with a sword.

AGE: 21
BIO: Damien works as a doctor in the desert town of Shara. Damien is the “The Seer”, having the power to see things before they happen. Due to a terrible incident in his childhood, he was adopted and sent to Jukah. His visions have stopped…until recently, leading him back to the town of Shara to assist in the battle that’s about to occur.

Physically, Damien’s the strongest “mage”. Some of his techniques require the use of his axe. He is the only character who uses any of the “Mental” spells, making him extremely unique.

AGE: 18
ELEMENT: Magical
BIO: Orson was once a normal teenager on Earth. One evening after school, he was kidnapped and taken to Allumia. He was one of the several kidnapped kids held in Reyme, but he was saved by Alexander and Kent. Though a little dense, Orson is generally a nice guy.

Like Brooke, Orson is extremely versatile. He can be a Mage, a Fighter, or even a backup Healer. He can be used in anyway you see fit. His skills are some of the most strongest and useful in the game, making him a powerful ally.

AGE: 17
ELEMENT: Satanic
BIO: Michael was once a normal boy living in Glover Town until he became possessed. He was an honor student, and loved by all. Because of his fragile brain activity, it was easy for him to fall victim to possessions. At heart, Michael’s a gentle soul with a likable, outgoing personality.

Michael is one of the strongest physical attackers of the group, with Zed and Lee coming before him. In addition to learning skills involving his Pike, he also learns powerful Satanic techniques, including a Possession skill of his own. 

  • Tweleve playable characters, and five secret players
  • Over 280 usable items
  • Over 80 usuable techniques
  • 200+ demons, 500 maps, and three extra dungeons
  • ONYX 2 was completed on Monday, July 30, 2007, 11:00 P.M. It’s my second completed game with RPG Maker 2003, and my third overall completed game with the computer RPG Maker series. 
  • ONYX 2 was originally never supposed to happen (ONYX was supposed to be my first and only RPG Maker game) but because of first game’s ending, I felt the story could’ve been expanded further.
  • Before beginning ONYX 2, I was on the fence as to continue the game with Evan (who was a surprise favorite amongst players) or Tari (who was seen was the leader in Chad’s alternate world). 

     decided to go with Evan for a number of reasons. For starters, in comparison to the other characters, Evan was virtually ignored, which was actually my intention,   because he was written as being “normal” (the others had supernatural influences, he didn’t). Furthermore, it was during Evan’s optional quest where I felt that story between he, Chloe, Zed, and Vicki was strong enough and interesting enough to expand upon for a second game. Plus, I liked all four of those characters,   especially Evan (I have a thing for dreads – go figure) and I was surprised to learn that the players did as well.
                I decided to not go with Tari for almost the exact opposite reasons. While I liked Alexia   (one my favorite characters of all time) I felt that the story between she,   Tari, Tempest and Adrian were complete. Also, neither Vernon nor Mary were “fan favorites”, so to speak, and many players found Tari somewhat of a boring character. Lastly, Warner, Rell and Nina wouldn’t have worked in a strong supporting role, and would’ve been even less stellar as playable characters. 
  • Planning for ONYX 2 began only two weeks after the first game ended. Also, the game started out using MP3s, but the files were too large, and the loops were horrible. The songs were going to be taken from Persona 2: Innocent Sin’s soundtrack.
  • Although ONYX 2 started months before TOTAL CHAOS, it was finished three months after. 
  • Nana Abayomi was physically based off of reality show contestant Yaya DaCosta Johnson, and two share personality traits as well. Her first name was originally “Naya”….but “Naya” isn’t exactly a word.
  • Test playing began August 1st, 2007, and lasted until the 7th. Much shorter than ONYX, but longer than TOTAL CHAOS by two days.

  • There will NOT be a third Onyx.
  • Tatton, Michael, and Jennifer had different personalities than planned. Initially, Tatton was the happy-go-lucky comic relief, Jenn was the hyperactive cheerleader, and Michael was the cold one of the group. These personalities were relevantly cliché and boring, so they were changed almost immediately when the characters were introduced.
  • Though he was only in the game for about ten minutes, Orson is a returning character from ONYX. There, he was a boss character who had a romantic (of sort) relationship with one of the game’s villains.
  • In ONYX, the characters from Allumia (Evan, Royle, and Adrian) were a minority, while the characters from Earth (Chad, Jade, Nicole, and Alexia) and from Tari’s dimension (Tari, Tempest, Mary and Vernon) were in the majority. In ONYX 2, the characters from Allumia are now the majority, with only two characters from Earth (Damien and Orson) joining the party.
  • I was working on ONYX 2 and TOTAL CHAOS both at the same time. After I completed one dungeon on TOTAL CHAOS I would complete a dungeon ONYX 2, and so forth. TOTAL CHAOS was finished during March, while Onyx wasn't completed until August.
  • Demos included, I finished two games in March. The demo to ONYX was completed during March 2005 and the full game of TOTAL CHAOS was available during March 2007. This is purely coincidental.
  • Evan is the only male character out of the Onyx series to learn more than ten techniques. In ONYX he learned a total of 27 skills, while in ONYX 2 he learned 16. The reason for this, is because during the beginning stages of ONYX, the original set of characters were trashed (though some of the character models were re-used, the others "returned" as extras) and after I gave the new cast their own set of spells, I had several more left over. I decided to give them all to Evan because I figured I could "get away with it." The other characters had their own specific element and techniques (while Evan had none), and I was unsure of how I wanted to develop his character at the time anyway. Jenn and Mary are the only other characters overall to learn more than ten techniques, and Orson learns exactly ten skills.


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