Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, I have decided to enter a SCREENWRITING CONTEST...

And the script I'm going to use is "Goblin." I'm going to spend every second of the free time I have to make it as perfect and "tight" and cohesive as I possibly can. So far, I think it's going along nicely...but I am so paranoid about my writings, it will probably never be good enough for me, and thus I'll keep revising, and revising, and revising, and...............

But I really am going to do this, this time. If it still exists, I want to enter the same writing contest that the script, "The Strangers" (remember that movie? Well you should, since it's fairly recent, especially if you're a horror fan =P) did so well in. Just because. But my primary goal is to receive professional feedback. I want to know EVERY detail I need to work on and improve upon. Honest, straight to the point feedback...but hopefully nothing brutal. Not that it'd stop me. But it would hurt my self esteem, and force me to pay attention in class, for I may need to find other career alternatives. *laugh out loud*

I will post the revised version of GOBLIN whenever it's done. Of all my scripts, it is one of my favorite ones, if only because it's exactly the kind of horror movie I like to see....lots of characters, beautiful women, cheesy/humorous dialogue...and death. Lots, and lots of death. It's not particularly scary, but my main focus was just making it entertaining. I want this to be the kind of movie someone could watch over and over and over, and not get sick or bored of it.

If I'm going to be perfectly honest, I think GOBLIN does have a good story buried underneath all the shit, so I'm going to do everything in my power to bring it out. Furthermore, I believe it is totally unique and "my style," but still accessible enough for a general audience to "get" and enjoy. And hopefully some parts will be memorable, but not for anything bad, though. With GOBLIN, I wasn't really focused on creating OUTSTANDING CINEMA. I just wanted to write something campy and fun. Hopefully it worked? We'll see.

You can see GOBLIN in its current not-so-great form on the screenplays' page. View at your own risk.

- Adrian Clyde