Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hello all!

I think I'm going to try my hand at writing a full-length novel again. I finished planning for one I intend to write in the near future called "Eternal Blaze", which I love so far, but before I start that, I am going to do a "practice run" if you will, of a story I have in mind called "Vanity". Yes, I stole the name from one of my older/current projects, but I'm going to take it to a completely different direction. I'm basically going to scrap 'Forbidden' and start over, but still use the same characters (but in different roles, more or less). I may or may not decide to upload Forbidden in its *RAW* unedited form...but that would be pretty embarrassing. ;) Well actually, it depends on how comfortable I am with writing Vanity and the kind of feedback I get on it. I'm actually looking forward to this because it will grant me the kind of creative freedom and opportunities for ~*DEPTH*~ and expansion that I would never have had writing screenplays.

Also, I uploaded some videos I had of Total Chaos were laying around. You can check them out on my youtube channel or Total Chaos's game page!

- A. Clyde

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bug in Manos found


After you fight the Roundworm in the Catacombs, DO NOT go back in the save! Continue down the corridor and watch the scene that occurs. If you go back and save immediately after the fight before viewing the scene, a switch will set off prematurely and you will completely miss that scene, not to mention you'll be stuck watching a very buggy scene instead. =P

I apologize in advance for this.