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      An old sage prophesied that in two years, the world will face mass destruction and only one woman can stop this. Two men, ALEXANDER ASHFORD and BRUCE DUNLOP make many attempts to find this woman, met with failure each time, for the sage informs them that they are not meant to find this girl... However, one evening, the sage decides to lead them to them to the one man who is... MARCUS FORD, whose life is changed forever by the fateful meeting. Joined by several others, Marcus is forced to find the demon threatening to end the world and stop it...however...he soon learn that things are not as black and white as they seem... With the world wiped clean, every living creature on it is now on an equal playing field. Will you side with the forces of light to find the new Messiah, or side with the darkness to bring forth Azazel, the Savior of all demons? Or...will you become a rebel, and overthrow both orders? Your fate is solely in your hands...


    As a youth, Marcus has had trouble with the law, but he has since turned his life around. Since he was a child, a young girl would always talk to him in his dreams. Calling her his "dream buddy," he spoke to her until his late teens, in which the communications stopped. The mysterious dream woman now returns, warning him that the world's future will soon             depends on his hands. Thrust into a situation beyond his control, Marcus knows that the only     way he can solve this mystery, as well as to fully understand his powers, is to find this girl. 
    Marcus's element is [SOLAR], a power that comes from the spiritual realm and is weakened by the [EARTH]'s influence. His Essence powers are mostly offensive, and his Abilities are [PHYSICAL], requiring the use of his fists.

    Nevene's origins are mysterious even to her. She's never met her parents, and along with Ashkii, she was raised by a man named Leo, whom she views her father. As a child, Nevene had     frequent conversations with another gifted boy in her dreams. She never learned his name, and eventually lost touch with him once his powers became weak. Now a fully grown woman, Nevene wishes to use her power to better herself and the world, believing that in order to bring peace and order back into the world, the demons need to be wiped clean, and a "Chosen One" must watch and protect it.      

    Nevene's element is [WHITE], a power that comes from the heavens and is weakened by [BLACK] magic. Her Essence is geared towards healing, and her Abilities require to use of [SHOT] weapons. 

    Chelsia is the beautiful, wealthy wife of Alexander Ashford, a well-known and respected lawyer who's been involved in black magic. Chelsia is well aware of Alexander's quest for power, and pretends to be oblivious until the right time to strike. Unlike most, Chelsia doesn't fear the demons. She believes that demons are pawns, and can be very powerful allies if used correctly. Chelsia dreams of a world of equal opportunity, a world where power can obtained by anyone who deserve it, a world of absolute freedom. She knows this could bring about frequent war and chaos, but she believes that war would be a great tool to separate the weak from the strong.

    Chelsia's element is [BLACK], a power that comes from Hell and is repelled by the forces of Heaven. Her Essence are offensive and inflicts numerous status abnormalities on its target. Her abilities require the use of [SHOT] weapons.

    Ashkii and Nevene were raised together by Leo, a wise man who taught them the gift of magic, and how to control it. He taught them the way of the light, and warned them that the future will bring about great pain and destruction to mankind. Ashkii serves as Nevene's older brother, shielding her and protecting her from the world. He too doesn't know his real parents, and sees Nevene and Leo as his only family. Recently, Leo was kidnapped by a man named Alexander, who was told that Leo could lead him to a great power. Ashkii desires to continue the fight for peace until the end, believing that he Nevene Denise will soon find the Chosen One.

    Ashkii's element is [MOON], a power influenced by the Moon's energy that is overshadowed by the [SUN]. His Essence is both supporting and offensive, and he fights with [BLADED] Abilities.

    Lindsey serves as a link between the human world and the under world. Being a demon himself,     his primary purpose is to assist the demons into obtaining the power and the control he         feels they deserve. He walks the Earth as a man, looking for suitable warriors to help carry     out his plan. The first to catch his eye was Chelsia Ashford, a human female who was trying         to build a demon army of her own. Their similar goals led them to form an alliance. Lindsey         taught     Chelsia her powers and everything she knows about demons. Despite the followers of         light trying to suppress the demons, Lindsey feels confident that the dark will finally         overcome the "righteous."
     Lindsey's element is [SUN], a power that comes from the sun but is blocked by the [MOON].         His Essence and Abilities are primarily offense-oriented, with few supporting abilities. He         fights with [BLADED] weapons.
    Billy is a former construction worker of Japalagos. He married at the age of twenty-one to his future wife Emilia, who was pregnant with his son Ryan at the time. After eight years of marriage, Billy's life was changed forever when a demon breakout ccurred, resulting in death of nearly fifty civilians, including his wife and child, and nearly his own. With nowhere else to turn, Billy devoted his life to slaying demons and protecting the helpless, and after a director saw Billy's strength first-hand, he gave Billy the opportunity to join the Protective Agency, where he's been for the past ten years. His current client is Harleet, whom he may value more than just co-workers...

    Billy's element is [ATOMIC], an infectuous nuclear power that's suppressed by [TWILIGHT]. His powerful [PIERCE] abilities will prove to be extremely useful, as well as his "Bowl of Life" Essence. He fights with [PIERCE] weapons.

    Russell was once a normal young man. Growing up, he never cared much for school or anyone but himself. His mother skipped out on the family when Russell was a youth, leaving his family to struggle with raising the family all on his own. Russell began acting out in     school as a way to gain the attention that he never got from home, only adding to his father's grief. When Russell turned twenty, his family sufferred a heart attack and his brothers and sisters were taken into foster care, leaving him alone. He met a young woman named Ashley and after failing to gain her parents' approval, the two ran away to Jensa to elope, where a great change befall both of them...
    Russell's element is [GAIA], which is engulfed by [SOLAR]. His Essences and Abilities are nearly entirely offensive, with most of them attacking (or healing) an entire group. He fights with [STRIKE] weapons.

    Harleet is a friend of Marcus from high school. Despite her beauty, she was always seen as being "too weird," and thus never had many close friends. She and Marcus dated for a while, but Marcus's frequent troubles with the law ended the relationship. Nonetheless, the two have remained great friends and it was Harleet who helped Marcus get on the right track. As a youth, Harleet always felt she was "special." She heard a girl around her age talk to her in her dreams, and soon later, she had the ability to use magic. She kept her powers mostly hidden, until joining a Wicca group in her early twenties. Outside of her Wicca group, Marcus is the only one who is aware of her abilities.

    Harleet's element is [TWILIGHT], which is dissolved by [ATOMIC] energies. Her Essenses are attack-based, while her Abilities lean more towards supporting, particularly her own attributes. She fights with [ARIEL] weapons.

       There are three story branches in the game, RIGHTEOUS, BALANCE, and FREEDOM. There are eight total playable characters, but you can only have a party of four, and the choices you make will determine who will join your party.

RIGHTEOUS: Consists of people who are holy and pure, people who believe that the demons must be wiped clean if the Earth is to retain the order and peace it once had. They fight to find the "Chosen One," one of supreme power and goodness who will watch the world and protect it, quickly destroying anyone who threatens to cause disruption.

BALANCE: A rebel, one who decides to go against both "orders." Agree that neither humans nor demons are 100% good or evil, and believe that people should govern themselves.

FREEDOM: Individuals who believe in the freedom of the demons. Worship the demon god Azazel and anticipate his return. Those who follow him will become his right-hand men and will take part in creating a world of absolute freedom where man will do as he please, where no one will be held back by the "rules" of society any longer.

   Solar - Dark Blue [Weak against Earth]
   Earth - Yellow [Weak against Solar]

   White - Light Purple [Weak against Black]
   Black - Black [Weak against White]

   Moon - Pale Blue [Weak against Sun]
   Sun - Orange [Weak against Moon]

   Atomic - Red [Weak against Twilight]
   Twilight - Green [Weak against Atomic]

   Physical - Brown [Weak against Magical]
   Magical - Purple [Weak against Physical]
   No Element - Pink


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