Total Chaos

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             You are RONALD JOHNSON, a seventeen year old kid who lives in Montane City. Your birthday is approaching next week, and honestly, you couldn't care less. High School is pretty much over, and everyone else have these great lives planned out for them....except you. With no goals or ambitions in life, you drift along. You live each day waiting, waiting for that time when your life becomes meaningful.

             That evening, a sound is heard, drawing you and your best friend, JOSE FERNANDEZ, back into the Abandoned Warehouse you previously explored earlier. There, you meet a warrior from the Celestial Heavens, SQUAMUS MAXILLIUS, who came to Earth to find the reincarnation of Prince DEVON MARS, who, one thousand years ago, on his eighteenth birthday, sacrificed himself in order to track down a dangerous enemy who escaped one thousand years into the future......Earth.

             Obviously, you are completely reluctant to follow this....talking dog go on some quest that, quite frankly, you don't really care too much about to begin with. Unfortunately, you are not given a choice when SOCIETY, a secret group of criminals, begin to put their ultimate plan into motion. Chaos begins to emerge, and lives are forever changed as the world slowly begins to slip into a chaotic state. It is now up to Ron, Jose, Squamus, and many, many others to find Society and stop them before the world is thrown into total, absolute chaos.

NAME: Ronald Johnson
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: High School Senior
BIO: Ron’s young life has so far been filled with drama. And unfortunately, that’s not about to change anytime soon. After finding her husband in bed with another man, Mona took her son, Ron, and moved into a large city where no one could find her. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t come out of hiding soon, she could face jail time, plus a mountain of load of Child Support checks she never paid. Ron’s difficult lifestyle often frustrates him, and he wants out, but will a fateful meeting with a certain stray dog change that?
Ron is the game's main character, the character you'll be using throughout the adventure. Ron is a well-balanced character, strong in all attributes. In addition to Ron's set of elemental spells, he also learns extremely useful healing spells, making him a vital member of the team. His weapon of choice is a sword.
NAME: Squamus “Peppersticks” Maxillius
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Celestial Knight
BIO: Squamus is a Celestial Warrior from the heavens, who came to Earth to stop the Ultimate Evil that’s soon to be awakened. He is strong and determined, always thinking things through. Because of the maturity (or lack there of) of the group, he’s forced into a leadership position, because if someone doesn’t take charge, the world as we know it will cease to exist.
Squamus is one of the faster members of the team, and he is the only character to use physical techniques at the time that you obtain him. Like Ron, he too specializes in healing magic, although his healing magic is far more advanced than Ron's. Aside from speed, his other attributes fall towards average, and his main weapon of choice are claws.

NAME: Lindsay Lohan
AGE: 20
BIO: Lindsay Lohan is an over-privileged celebrity. She gets whatever she wants and she has no regard for other people. Her publicist, Jessie, constantly nags her about her lack of concern for her career. After a fateful meeting with Ron, Lindsay finds herself pushed into this madness, and she can’t escape. Now, she must assist Ron and Squamus in saving the world while saving her career all the same.
When first obtained, Lindsay may be somewhat of a disappointment, however, she develops into a full-on mage as her levels increases. By the end game, she'll have a varied set of spells, ranging from Dark, to Holy, to Magical. Her "Heather" spell, one of the more lethal magical attacks in the game, she learns on her own.

NAME: Aneah “Ginger” Klaus
AGE: 22 physically, 422 mentally
OCCUPATION: Housewife/Succubus/Virus
BIO: Aneah was once a normal woman. She had a husband, kids, and a happy life as a 17th century housewife. On one unfortunate day, her husband left her. Heartbroken, Aneah tapped into the black arts to try to get her husband back. Her plan backfired when she was changed into a Succubus demon, and sent four hundred years into the future. Now, Society has her, and plans to use her for evil purposes. Aneah doesn’t know what is in stored for her, but she wants answers.
Ginger is the first full-on spell caster that joins the group. Her HP and physical attributes are dramatically lower than her MP and magical attributes, however both her magical skills and physical techniques are some of the most useful in the game. Her spells consist of Darkness elementals, and later in the game, she learns a skill called "Determination", which doubles her speed. She fights with scythes.

NAME: Quentin Ross
AGE: 20
BIO: Quentin is a rude, cocky, arrogant showoff who only seems to think about the number of girlfriends he can obtain at the same time. He travels with his two “groupies”, Alana and Clare. They travel around the world, looking for stuff to do. However, this cocky side of Quentin may only be a façade. Maybe there’s more to him than what meets the eye?
Quentin is one of the more dominate physical fighters in the game. His HP, Attack, and Defense are much higher than his MP and Mental strength. His powerful physical techniques are ideal when dealing with magic-based enemies. He shares weapons with Squamus.

NAME: Stephenie LaGrossa
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Reality Star
BIO: Stephenie is one of Survivor’s most popular contestants, appearing on two seasons back-to-back. Since then, the public has become somewhat tired of Stephenie. Her attempts to keep her fame have failed, and she has no other routes to turn but to Lindsay’s show. While Stephenie can have a bit of an ego, and can be a bit “slow” at times, she’s generally a nice, sweet person, always willing to help out those she loves.
Stephenie is the first and only female fighter in the game. Her techniques are purely physical, and although she learns Magic spells, her physical moves are the ones you'll be using the most often. She or Quentin are ideal characters to use for a physical party, but having two fighters on the same team could do more harm than good (same with Mages). She fights with gloves.

NAME: Beverly Rubin
AGE: 22
BIO: Beverly is a “Caller”, a rare breed of species with the ability to contract the Supernatural for help. She’s a bright woman who attended the best schools all throughout childhood, and because of such, she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She talks down to everyone, and has a tendency to be very critical. Despite her book-smart intelligence, there have been many times when Beverly behaved foolishly, even though she condemns others for doing so.
Beverly is a unique character, in that she is the only one who is able to use "Summon" techniques, making her an extremely useful member of the team. Aside from that, she learns healing-based spells. Be careful when bringing her around physical-based enemies, for she is the physically weakest member of the team. She fights with a staff.

NAME: Mina “Squelle” Washington
AGE: 27
BIO: Mina comes from a rich family of actors and actresses. The acting field never interested Mina, but because of her family’s obsession with wealth, Mina was forced into it. Because of such, Mina was constantly watched by the paparazzi. She wasn’t allowed to say certain things, do certain things, or talk to certain people. This often frustrated Mina, who preferred to stay in her room most of the time. She went into the show to finally act out against her parents after all these years, but will it work?
Mina learns the "second" set of elemental spells, Earth, Wind, and Water. She is a neutral character, so she's definitely good to bring on the team if you want to "complete" the set. Though she does not learn healing spells like Ron does, she learns a series of Whip techniques which could rival some of the fighters. She fights with Whips.

NAME: Herald “Slay” William Scott III
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Male Model/Freelance Demon Specialist
BIO: Herald was just your ordinary guy. He lived alone while working for a male swimsuit agency. One evening, he was attacked and nearly killed by a demon. He promised himself to never to let that happen to him again, so he decided to become an independent demon slayer. During the day, he’s a normal guy with a normal job, but at night, he devotes his life to killing demons. He has a huge demon vocabulary, which makes him useful to the group.
Herald is the final fighter to join the team. He is the only character to use Bladed techniques, making him a little more unique than you would initally think. Furthermore, he's the best character to use in terms of support, for most of his skills consist of buffering the party's attributes. Slay also has the fightest HP growth out anyone in the game. He shares weapons with Ron.

NAME: Jose Fernandez
AGE: 18
BIO: Jose is Ron’s the best friend; the two have been close for years. He’s the lively, more outgoing one between the two, having the engaging personality Ron wishes he had. Jose is naturally curious, causing him to get into all sorts of trouble. His loud, wild, “party-starter” personality is an object of envy for many people around him, however he possesses a dangerous power within that even he is not aware of…
Along with Jerri and Al, Jose joins after the first half of the game. Initially, his set of skills may not be very impressive, however, he is the one of the best characters to use endgame. Not only is his speed higher than even Squamus, he is one of the only characters to use Celestian skills early in the game (the others learn them a bit later). He shares weapons with Stephenie.

NAME: Jerri Spencer
AGE: 17
BIO: Jerri is a young girl from the town of Koudo born with magical powers. Because of her gifts, she was teased and picked on throughout her life, causing her to become shy, quiet, and a bit introvert. Jerri doesn’t get much attention from anyone besides her dad, whom she loves dearly. After Ron begins paying attention to her, things begin to take a turn for the worse as she begins pursuing him relentlessly.  
Like Al and Jose, Jerri joins the after during the second half of the game. You may be pleased with her set of spells, for her "Gas Spill" techniques could make random battles a heck of a lot easier. While she kind of slows down during the middle game, she is hands-down the best non-Celestian character to use endgame, for her "Condition" and "Space" are the best in the game. She shares weapons with Mina.

NAME: Alronio “Al” Pal
AGE: Physically 26, mentally over 1000 thousand years old
OCCUPATION: Legendary Warrior
BIO: Like Ron, Al was once a normal male, when suddenly; he became possessed by a being from Celestia, sent to stop the Ultimate Evil. Alronio managed to do so, however, at the expense of his own life. When Vayne was awakened, the spell keeping Zeke sealed began to weaken. Because of this, Al knew that one day, the battle between him and Zeke would resurface. Zeke has grown in power, so defeating him may be impossible, even with the Celestial’s Prince’s help…
Al is one of the last characters to join the game. Al immediately starts off as powerhouse, and grows even stronger from there. Al has the highest HP growth of the mages, and although it doesn't make him any less vulnurable to physical moves, it certainly helps. The majority of Al's spells consist of Holy elementals, opposite from Ginger. He fights with grenade launchers.


Underground Shrine Puzzle - "THE BLACKOUT"

Here the steps to find your first candle to get rid of the blackness!

The black screen is intentional. You're supposed to light the way with candles. Here specific directions to reach the first candle:

FROM THE STARTING POINT (without moving):


2) Take SEVEN STEPS to the LEFT


4) Take EIGHT STEPS to the LEFT and you will arrive at the second section:

5) Now, take FORTY-SEVEN STEPS to the LEFT.


7) Click ENTER and you'll arrive at a small room.

8) Next, take SIX STEPS UP and click ENTER and you'll have your first candle. If you click enter and nothing happens, and turn RIGHT ONCE and hit enter again.

Each candle lasts for about five minutes before going out. That said, this dungeon is short compared to the others, so you can easily breeze through the battles and rack up the candles, thus no longer having to worry about another "blackout." However, if you were to skip every random encounter in that dungeon, that WILL NOT hurt you at all when facing the boss. :)

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