Friday, November 30, 2007


YOUTH is upload, revised and ready to read for all curious minds.

I submitted it to, so whenever it's updated there, you can leave a message on the discussion board if you like.

Anyway, "MARK" is next on my list, and I'll begin revising that after I take my last final exam (Dec 17th).

Also, Onyx 2 and Total Chaos have now been uploaded on Caiman's site (now in the links). These are stand-alone games, so RPG Maker is not required to play them (though if you find an error that shuts the games down, please let me know!) I guess Onyx is still in the pending stage.

I wonder if I can get them all on Noodan... I don't know if they're taking submissions or not, though.

Ooooh well.

- Adrian Clyde -

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Good evening all, I completed the revision of my first story ever, TAROT CARDS, today, so that's up incase anyone's curious. YOUTH is next, though I won't start revising it until around Thanksgiving.

- Adrian Clyde -