Sunday, March 23, 2008

LOCKED'S done...time for "CLOSED SHUT"

A revised version of "LOCKED" has now been uploaded in the Screenplay section. It features two of some of my personal favorites, Joshua and Robby.

After I complete two additional episodes of FORBIDDEN, I'm going to begin revising the final "old" screenplay, "CLOSED SHUT," first written February 2007, and haven't been touched since. I'm really excited about it, because not only is it my second favorite, favorite script ("TAROT CARDS" is the first, third "GOBLIN"), it has a top five favorite character, ERIN DOUGLASS, and the "hottest" female ever...LUCIA HENRY (based off of mental representation). I just love everything about Closed Shut, it's definitely a movie I would pay to see.

At first I didn't make it to be good. I just wanted lots of gore, blood, monsters and cursing, and while many of the comments I received from Closed Shut were favorable, two stuck out in particular...which were neither good nor bad. They really broke down EVERY thing that was wrong the script, as well as things I could do that would make it a lot better. They actually showed me that the script ACTUALLY had potential! Dude, I was honestly shocked, because I wrote it with "HAUSE ON HAUNTED HILL" (1999 remake) and "FREDDY vs. JASON" in mind.

Here is the original copy of the script, as well as the comments. I really do like this website, because it is VERY, very constructive. They don't do a lot of ass kissing unless you're one of the more popular members, or if your script is really out of this world amazing, but even so, they still will provide you with a list of things to improve on, which I think is fantasic, and which definitely helped me become the writer I am a newly-turned 20 year-old. The only bad part is that it's soooo hard to get your script read. :(

They trashed the fucked out of the original version of LOCKED, though. I hated it then, but in retrospect, it was very, very deserved. Very.

- Adrian Clyde -

Monday, March 3, 2008


I plan to restart reading over LOCKED this week. I haven't touched it in almost two years, so I'm a little bit frightened...but I can do it. It'll take me two-three weeks, depending on how much I can get done in a day.

A slight revised version of GOBLIN is now up. I added in a new opening and fixed a little of the writing. I like it. :)

Planning for THE SHADOW ended last week, so the actual script tonight will begin some time soon, maybe even tonight...

Well, that's it for today. I have to get to class now [I have five minutes ;)]. Until next time...

- Adrian Clyde -