Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Revisions, revisions, revisions....


Well, I just spent a crapload of time revising this blog. I knew there were a lot of grammar and spelling errors that needed to be fixed...I was just too lazy to fix them.

Aside from that, I added in a few bits of new info here and there, and I plan (or hope) to begin revising TAROT CARDS this week, to get that put up here. That script has crazy potential, but the dialouge is old and a lil' rough...but definitely fixable. :)

Come to think of that, this would be my forth time revising that thing. Oh well, I love it, though. Will/Sydnee <3

YOUTH or MARK may follow, but the rest won't be revised until during the Christmas break. This is around the time when college becomes demanding, and I'll be happy to report that I've actually managed to get a life, so I'm not home as much on weekends. HOWEVER, I still find time to write a piece here and there, which reminds me...

I UPLOADED A NEW DEMO TODAY!!! The "mysterious game" has been revealed as COMPLETE CHAOS, however I'm only going to post it on "smaller" websites. I'm still trying to get people to play ONYX 2, for the downloads haven't exactly been stellar so far... :(


- Adrian Clyde -