FORBIDDEN is my next big project I will begin working on. It's currently in the planning stages (have been since August), and I won't begin writing the chapters until the character biographies are complete. Each completed "episode" will be posted here and on (haven't used that site in years). If the feedback is good enough, then perhaps I'll see if I can get this published as a full-length novel. Only time will tell...

SUMMARY: A diverse group of inhabitants awakens on a mysterious island. Uncovering its secret, they must complete three “tasks” in order to escape. Those that succeed, move on and those that fail…will die.
GENRE: Horror/Fantasy/Action

RATING: PG-13 (Could higher) Rated for language and content

             My writing is entirely written in 1st person. I do this because there is an “unseen character”, providing opinions about the situation at hand. It’s a little easier when transforming into screenplay format, plus it’s different and a little more enjoyable to write. It’s more or less written like a television drama, minus the commercial breaks.

            That said, expect a very straight-to-the-point writing style. Do not expect five paragraphs centered on an individual picking up a cup, and why it was so important. Of course there will be fleshed-out descriptions, but nothing drawn out just for the sake of it.

[Yun's Camp]
J I M   A N T H O N Y
Jim is the eldest of the inhabitants. That said, you’d think he’d be the most mature. Guess again. Jim is both physically the strongest of the inhabitants and the most intimidating, and he has no problem informing you if you’re in disbelief. Jim isn’t very tall, which is probably the reason for his loud mouth. He is light brown and sports the bald, Vin Diesel look. He frequently wears a pair of dark shades and muscle shirts.

P E N E L O P E   S M A R T
Penelope is the popular cheerleader at her high school. Her sweet, girl-next-door face is often misleading. Her blonde hair cut short gives her a sort of edgy look, separating her from the other girls at her school. Though her lifestyle is questionable, Penelope’s attitude is surprisingly positive. She’s carefree in nature, but knows when it is time to behave seriously. 

K E R R I   A L L A
Kerri is characterized by her flaming red hair, blue eyes, and frequent usage of tank tops and tight jeans. She is thinnest person on the island, perhaps even a bit too thin. Kerri instantly comes across as a sweet, caring and confident woman, one who talks fast and laughs loud. However, could this be a façade, used to mask the darker issues in her life?

S E B A S T I A N   L I N W O O D
A bright-eyed, caramel-skinned, golden dread-locked pretty boy, Sebastian attempts to exhibit wisdom way beyond his years, which, much to his dismay, only further emphasizes his inexperience. He is a quiet loner, though kind of heart. He’s noted for his slick button shirts and stylish shoes, combined with jeans that fit perfectly around his slightly-above-skinny waist.

B R E N D A N   M A R S H
Member of the US Navy, Brendan mysteriously awakens on the island after a sudden ship attack. Native American, he’s noted for his athletic physique, his shoulder-length silky black hair, his dark brown eyes, and neatly-shaved facial hair. He is a nice guy, a quiet guy, the guy everyone trusts. Calm in personality, Brendan displays a quiet confidence which is often mistaken for aloofness.

E D D I E   B R O W N
Eddie is the youngest of all the inhabitants. He’s a vulgar, tough-talking kid, frequently playing tricks on the others, instead of, you know, actually helping out. He has large, dark, innocent eyes and even lips, complimented by his honey-colored skin. He sports around a baseball cap which fits perfectly with his medium-sized T-shirts and jeans.

L I B E R T Y   L E N A
Born from a family of successful actors, Liberty has lived the life of luxury. Her long, patch-black hair, icy, pale eyes and tight (though busty) figure harmonize perfectly; making her certified sex-symbol. However, will she have more to offer than just her looks? Well, it’s quite easy to mistake her abrasiveness, her aggression, her opinionated exterior for vanity, but there is a lot more to her than what meets the eye.

V A N   G R A N T
Characterized by his tall, slim frame, Van is physically unthreatening. With his blonde, spike-hair and blue eyes, he has the appearance of a soft pretty-boy, an image he desperately tries to mask with needless profanity. Van has dark lips, signifying that he is a heavy smoker, or at least used to be. Despite his personal decisions, Van is a fairly nice guy, if overprotective at times. He is closest with Penelope.

Y U N   M I N G
Yun, a tall Japanese male, is facially breath taking, with strong, sharp cheekbones and shoulder length dark-brown hair. Resembling a walking print ad, every feature on his face compliments the next. Calm and collected, Yun is the smartest inhabitant of the group, working as the team’s handyman, fixing broken utensils or salvaged materials. Along with Jim, Yun protects the group from the danger that surrounds them.

[Claudia's Camp]
C L A U D IA   M U N I Z
Claudia possesses wisdom and confident well beyond her years. She serves as a mother, protector, leader and fierce warrior in her tribe, winning the respect of all those who have the fortune of meeting her. Takes care of her responsibilities with grace and pride, and never let arrogance cloud her judgment. Despite all of these seemingly positive attributes, one can't help that there is another side of Claudia that she chooses to keep hidden, a side of her she desperately tries to suppress.

R E B E C C A    C H O N G
Rebecca, commonly addressed as "Beckie," is a bright, energetic young girl who tries to remain a positive force in her camp. She is not a fighter, but what she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for in spirit. She is a crafty girl who never overestimates the limitations of her abilities, working around her weaknesses and playing up her strengths. However, a cloud of guilt seems to plague Beckie, something in her past she wishes she could change.
[Keith's Camp]

K E I T H   L E W I S
A man of few words, Keith advocates "not speaking unless you have something meaningful to say." He is not one for small talk or gossip, instead preferring the privacy of his own company. Despite how he may appear, Keith is a rude man, and serves as the main provider and protecter of the people in his camp. He's something of a father figure to the people in his tribe, a title he did not ask for her, they look up and respect the seemingly wise man.

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