Mystery Man Zero

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            The Pleiadians watch over the galaxy from a far, maintaining peace and order throughout THE MILKY WAY. One of these angels decided that simply "watching" the Milky Way was not enough, that they should rule over it, for their power and intelligence far exceeds that of the "lesser worlds." No one agreed with this poor soul of course, and dismissed his "suggestions." However, this man was not going to have his dream simply fall to the wayside, so he began to find ways to put his plan into motion. He came across an enormous crystal, one whose light shined brighter than anything in the sky...this was the centerpiece of THE PLEIADES, the one thing keeping these seven stars together and brightly lit...their power source. The fellow Pleiadians were not going to hand their power over to this villain, and sent him into exile before he was able to cause anymore damage...but the man was not going down without a fight. He destroyed the crystal and used all of his strength to scatter them throughout the galaxy. This frightened the Pleiadians. With their power source gone, it was only a matter of time before their natural energy would dissolve, thus causing the massive stars to seperate, leaving them prey to other, more massive stars, who weren't too keen on being babysat by the once powerful nation.

            The fallen angel soon found himself on PLANET EARTH, one of the many "blue planets" circling the Milky Wave. Weak and vulnurable, the angel hid underground, but he never lost sight of his goal... He needed to find those crystals, reunite them, and gain control of the Milky Way. But he knew he couldn't accomplish this task alone. He needed workers. So he began releasing viral toxins in Earth's oxygen, and those who had the misfortune of breathing this air would turn into demons. With 1/3 of the human population falling prey to this infliction, the angel's plan was working, and this made him glad...quite glad indeed.

            The Earthlings knew that it was going to be impossible to find a solution for this event before more humans were killed. They decided to place hard-glass barriers around the remaining unfected cities as a temporary solution, while they try to find ways to rid Earth's natural air of this toxin. Meanwhile, several greenhouses were built in order to supply new, fresh air, and factories all over control the temperature of the cities. The humans found ways to adapt to this new lifestyle, slowing down the angel's comquest...which did not make him happy...not at all...

            The Pleiadians, of course, needed their crystal, and had several workers hot on the mission. They also knew that the angel they once exiled was still out there, and was going to want revenge, so they sent the very best and brightest of their army to find him and stop him...and one of them was named ZERO, who had the face of a man, but the body of a machine, and the soul of a demon. Along with his partner JONAH, who was built similarly, Zero was sent to Earth to investigate the mysterious happenings of the planet, specifically the virus, and to see whether or not these occurances were related the former angel.

            Zero's search led him to SUNSET HOTEL, where he and his partner saved the hotel guests from a deadly foe who claimed to have been a henchman of the fallen angel. With viral outbreaks becoming more common from within the city, does Zero and co. have what it takes to stop this foe? And with the Pleiades using more power than they're gaining, just how long do they have before they're no longer strong enough to hold themselves together? All of this and more are revealed in this enchanting tale...


NAME: Zero
AGE: ???
BRIEF BIO: Zero is sent to Earth from The Pleiades in order to find a massive-murdering demon expelled from the clusters. He is a slick man. Charming and mysterious, calm but dangerous, he’s as threatening to a woman’s lover as he is in the battlefield. However, underneath this façade of macho-ism, what is he really like?

As the game’s lead character, Zero is extremely useful in battle, good in all attributes. In addition to learning [SHOT] abilities, his [DARK] magic spells will prove to be useful on several occasions. He uses guns as his primary weapons.

NAME: Eve Reynolds
AGE: 21
BRIEF BIO: Eve is a receptionist at Sunset Hotel. She’s been engaged to her fiancé James, her high school sweetheart, for the past year, with a wedding date still in the air. Eve has a sharp tongue and a hot-headed personality, quick to say whatever’s on her mind. Despite this, she’s a good person who wants to help out.

Eve is one of the only characters who use healing abilities, making her a rare character. With Shield learned later in the game, Eve can protect herself against any attack from her enemies, making up for her low attributes. Poles are her primary weapons.

NAME: Cidney Ferrell
AGE: 29
BRIEF BIO: Cid runs the Light Years Disco, a nightclub in the downtown district. He’s known for being flamboyant, but charming and generally nice, but lately he’s tapped into the dark powers, transforming him into a power-hungry, status-seeking tyrant. Is the good Cid still inside, and can he be saved?

Cid learns some of the more unique spells in the game, particularly his “Need My Love” ability, which will save you a great deal of cash in the future. He uses the Lyre as his primary weapon.

NAME: Mia Wallace
AGE: 22
BRIEF BIO: Mia is one of Wayne Newton’s personal assistants. She was struck with the virus, but unlike most victims, her body quickly adapted to the organism, and she was able to control her new-found powers in no time. Mia is a seemingly cheerful, sweet woman, if a little eccentric at times…but does she have a secret?

Mia is one of the best spell casters in the game, learning extremely useful and versatile spells, including a healing spell of her own. Her primary weapon is the Dagger.

NAME: Jonah
AGE: ???
BRIEF BIO: Jonah as from The Pleiades, the same star Zero is from. The two met fairly early in Zero’s life, and have been friends and partners since. Jonah is cool, laid back and aloof, but when it’s time for duty, he quickly emerges as a responsible leader. Jonah often questions the true purpose behind his creation.

Jonah, being one of the few characters to learn [EARTH] abilities, is extremely useful. His [THRUST] abilities will make short work of foes weak against physical abilities. His primary weapon is the Saber. 

NAME: Wayne Newton
AGE: 27
BRIEF BIO: Wayne had a difficult time as a youth, with abusive parents and a hard life at school. One evening, he ventured inside a cursed cave and it changed his life forever. With his new powers, he took the world head on, eventually building an empire with Mia and Anita as his employees. However, is this enough to cure his rage?

Wayne learns some of the most dangerous abilities in the game. His abilities largely consist of [ELECTRIC] attacks, making him lethal against enemies weak against that element. His weapon of choice is the Grenade Launcher.

NAME: Anita Bowler
AGE: 40
BRIEF BIO: By day, Anita runs a small diner at the State Center district, but by night, she’s head of the weapons department at Newton Corp. She likes to talk trash the guys, but is also a mother-figure to the young female employees. She has a teen son, Jimmy, and although she loves him dearly, does she want something more?

Anita is physically the strongest female on the team, and almost half of her abilities involve the usage of her fists. The rest of her abilities consist of high-powered [FLAME] spells, including the deadly Sunspot. Her primary weapons are Gloves.

NAME: Luther Kenney
AGE: 48
BRIEF BIO: Luther is a smug, arrogant business man, in charge of the family business that’s soon approaching its 100th anniversary. After an unsuccessful period that’s lasted for nearly thirty years, Luther took charge and turned the company around, making it the best it has ever been. He has the money, but does he have the heart?

Luther learns [THRUST] abilities, as well as other useful supporting skills, including a Regeneration spell. His main weapons are Spears.

NAME: Fiji
AGE: 60?
BRIEF BIO: Fiji is a man of many secrets. He frequently “pops in” to assist Zero and the crew, but he doesn’t get into much detail about his motives or his personal life. Who does Fiji work for, and what is with the pendent he wears around his neck? What does he want with Zero? Just who is this man?

Fiji is a master spell caster, learning a plethora of high-powered assault magic. His abilities involving his [STAFF] pack quite a punch too. His primary weapon is, you guessed it, the Staff. 


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