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        Welcome to my screenplays section. I've been writing for just about my whole life, however I didn't start writing screenplays until right around my junior year of High School. My first completed screenplay was called "SCYTHE", but it was mostly a test to see if I could actually complete something. "SCYTHE" was actually the story where the character of "Jade Luan" (ONYX) came from.

       TAROT CARDS and YOUTH were both originally fictionpress stories (which can still be found here), until last year when I converted both into screenplay form (that took a looooot of work). TAROT CARDS was my first ever story. (gasp)

       Everything I write takes place in the same world (most of them are set in a fictional town of "New Glover", and the high school, "New Glover Academy", even makes an appearance in ONYX 2 as a secret dungeon). So with that said, they're each in order from when they occur in the timeline, not particularly in the order in which I made them (though it's pretty close). The other screenplays will be uploaded once I have an updated revision available.

      Word of caution. Everything on this page is a HOT ass mess, so view at your own risk! (I was inexperienced when I wrote these, what can you expect??) This page exists so that you can get an idea of my "creative development", such as it is. I mean, isn't it sort of fun to see how far someone has grown (or not) in their craft?


[Written June-August 2007]
- July, 1996, 
the small town of Raven is attacked by vicious, savage goblins on one horrific night, lurking at every corner. CHASE MCNEVIN, a man with a dark past, and his group of survivors seek refuge in SUPREME MALL. The diverse group of survivors soon learn that everything is not when it seems to be...for a great evil lies in their midsts...something far more terrifying than the goblins...
[Original version]

- The idea for GOBLIN came from a mixture of things, an 80s film, "GREMLIN," and "PLANET TERROR" the first half of the GRINDHOUSE movie. I liked how the movie kind of just "started," like after five or so minutes, the zombies started to attack, without it being too chaotic. As for the villains, I chose to use the Goblins because they aren't too over-used, and if I used zombies, GOBLIN would totally lose all ounce of originality. Plus, I wanted an enteraining villain that, if done right, wouldn't be seen as too cartoonish or silly, especially since Goblin was written to be a horror-comedy in the first place, with the joke being that despite how outlandish the situation is, the mood is SO serious but weird and bizarre at the same time. That said, Chase McNevin was loosely based off of the character of El Wray.

- Shannon (originally "Shaina") and Shana Brown were based off of these mega hot twins in my Humanities class in my freshman year.

- Maya Swan (originally two "Ns") was based off of music artist Amerie.

- Probably for the worse, Lugo's character was taken from a Jerry Springer episode, in which a young Latino told his 19-year-old girlfriend that he slept with men in exchange for money.

- Sachi Kasai was taken from my first screenplay ever, SCYTHE, the same script ONYX lead Jade Luan was taken from.

- There was originally a character named "Paki Ras" (who exists in the awful prototype version), who was an African convict with enough dreadlocks that served as the group's main muscle. Well, he was completely and utterly worthless and so off he went. Still, I sort of like the "idea" of his character and I may use him again...


[Written June-October 2004] TAROT CARDS:

- June 2006, six friends play a game with a stack of tarot cards from a newly-opened magic shop inside New Glover Academy to escape a storm. Originally thought to be a worthless time-waster, AMY LYNCH is attacked that night by a mysterious stalker who left the Moon Tarot Card, the card she picked, sitting on her bed. As others are attacked, Amy decides that it's time she finds out who this creature is and stop it...however...can she? And will it come at a price?

[[Original Version]

[Fictionpress version]

- Tarot Cards is my very first full-length completed horror story ever. "EVE" was the first attempt at a horror story, but it was only a short.

- NAME CHANGES: The entire cast of TAROT CARDS all had different names, for all of them (except for Will, Pam and Ray) were based off of people I knew in real life. Sydnee, Rodney and Denise are the only ones to keep their original names. Furthermore, before the revision, Larissa, and Denise were the only two characters with last names.

         Wayne = William Christopher         Sydnee = Sydnee Porter
         Arnesha = Amy Lynch         Gary = Garrett Reid         Cherae = Cheri Carter         Drew = Andrew "Drew" Cole
         Lakia Rogers = Larissa Rogers         Denise Towers = Denise Towers       
         Ray = Raymond Parker
         Pam = Pamela Woods
         Julian = Justin Mitchell
         Mya = Megan "Meg" Reid
         Rodney = Rodney Wilks

- Will and Sydnee are two of my favorite characters I have ever created, which is probably biased, since Tarot Cards my first actual story.

- Over half of the characters were either based or inspired by real people:

             Amy was based off of a high school crush, who have the same initials (but the first name was changed, see above - despite the name, she was all kinds of hot, and trust me, I have great taste).

             Garrett and Meg are somewhat based off of me and my sister, and Rodney was based off of an old boyfriend she dated for only a few weeks, for the same reasons Meg stated in the script.

             Drew, Larissa and Cherae were based on classmates.

             Denise was based off of "Lisa Bonet," who played Denise on the Cosby Show.

             Sydnee was based off of a somewhat snobbish who went to my church, whom my sister hated.

- Tarot Cards first came to me in a dream. I slept in on a Sunday, and I had a dream in which several characters from this show called "Angel" were trapped in this building trying to escape, and each of them were getting killed one-by-one. In the end, three survived and were saved by myself, my sister, and a little kid. The dream was very vivid, so I tried to hold on to the idea so I could turn it into a story. Despite spending several months trying to gather up ideas (and planning to start writing in the summer), by the time June came, I nearly completely forgot about this, and wrote the first episode in less than an hour (and boy does it shows!).


[Written Spring 2005]
- New Glover Academy had a reputation of being one of the most intellectually domaint schools in the country, however all of that changed when the class of 2008 entered, immediately creating havoc, sending the school on a downward spiral ever since. Now starting their Junior year, the BORIS CIRCLE decides to take matters into their own hands, targetting those who threatens the school's reputation, with one of them being BRANT BENNETT, a former star athlete but a teacher's worse nightmare, with poor grades and an attitude to boot. After the death of a classmate, Brant becomes a prime murder suspect and is forced to either help solve the case or stay in jail...but something watches him...waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike...seeking to harm those he holds dear...
[Original Version]

- This was my second screenplay, written in my Junior year of high school after Scythe, my first script. However, this is the first screenplay I actually started to show people.

- The original title was "MARKED," and then it was simply renamed to "MARK," and after three years, it was re-named its original name.

- Several characters were based off of my friends around that time. Leo & "Tatiana" were friends of mine (though Tatiana's first name is different, she shares the same last name), and Kurt was based off of myself. Ashleigh was based off of a hot classmate in my Journalism class, whom I was also friendly with.

- In the original version, Kurt was named Karrey, and Erika was named Jericka, after a friend from way back in elementary school. The script ran for 134 pages and was reduced to 105, now it sits at 111..


[Written December 2004-August 2005]

is the target of frequent and brutal attacks from five of the most popular kids in school, with HUNTER RICE, NATHAN CREWS, and REMEDY LOCKE serving as the ring leaders. In his sleep, a demonic entity who goes only by "SOUL" speaks to him, trying to persuade him that he has the ability and the power to finally take matters into his own hands. After feeling betrayed by the one woman he trusted, he begins his murder spree...however...his victims start to fight back...resulting in grave consequences for both of them, for there is a bigger power at play...
[Original Version]
[Fictionpress Version]

- This was the last completed story on fictionpress, written and completed at the end of my junior year.

- The first episode of the spin-off/sequel was actually written before this. I decided to go this because I figured it would strengthen the story for the next chapter.

- Lana Phillips was based off of Brooklyn Sudano while Martin Hobbs was physically based off of classmate of mine.

- Of all of my characters, Hunter Rice (Youth) is probably the most hated by readers.

- Youth is the debut of ERIN DOUGLASS, who goes on to play an important role in CLOSED SHUT and other stories to come.


[Written August 2006-February 2007]

- Second quarter 2009, New Glover University is invited to the grand opening of the WORLD MUSEUM, which soon reveals itself to be a haunted, hellish dimension, inclosing eleven unsuspecting students inside its horrifying walls. ERIN DOUGLASS, a woman with a past, sets out to help these individuals, including LUCIA HENRY and her twin brother, JOSEPH, distant brothers ANTHONY and OMAR MAXWELL, and engaged lovers MILO CHEN and WENDY IKEDA. However the task proves to be difficult for her main opponent stands before her very eyes...
[Original Version]

- Erin is a returning character from YOUTH, though her role was quite small. In the fictionpress version, she was a slight reoccurring character, appearing in the last four episodes before meeting an unfortunate demise.

- Erin is named after, and physically based off of Apprentice Season 3 contestant ERIN ELMORE, dark bangs n' all!

- Lucia's physical description was based of Jessica Alba (oooh boy!) Also from Closed Shut, Kelly Newton's physical description was based off of actress Gina Phillips. She was originally written to be blonde, but I figured that would've made her character too stereotypical, so that was changed.

- Erin and Lucia are two of my favorite females.

- The idea of Closed Shut was inspired by the 1999 remake of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Despite several drafts (none which made it past page 10), Closed Shut wasn't actually written and completed until over a year later. The only character from the drafts to make it through to the full version was Colby.

             - Draft 1

             - Draft 2

             - Draft 3

[Written March 2005-June 2006, July 2010-]

and a small group of friends explore an old box sitting in the attic, discovering a beautiful, turquoise locked, in which  Cody eventually  gives to his girlfriend, LEXUS ABRAMS, after some reluctance. After a horrifying event, Cody and his friends become a targeted for unknown reasons, and as more of them are brutally murdered, the others are left to fend for themselves, wondering who the killer is, what it wants, and when it'll strike next...

[Original Version]


- Lexus was based off of actress Jennifer Freeman, and Maya Tan, originally written only to be a minor character (she was supposed to be in one scene that was it) was based off Brenda Song.

- LOCKED had one other draft before the current one. I made it to page 30-something before deciding to start over. I decided to start over because, at the time, I wasn't planning my scripts, so many of them (only MARK and SCYTHE at the time) started off very slowly and seemed to drag on for endless pages. Locked was not only shaping up to be the same way, I literally ran out of ideas for it. So I decided to start over, take a break, and began planning. All of the characters, except for Samantha Rocha, were re-used, though some roles have been swapped. For an example, after JOSHUA GUZMAN was added to script, he adopted Kenn's old role, who was given a new part entirely. Everyone else, for the most part, remains the same. Maya Tan wasn't included in the first draft.

         - 1st draft 

- Joshua Guzman's name was originally Jessie Sanchez, and was changed during the 2008 (its first) revision. I changed it because first "Jessie" is feminine, and "Jesse" is too common and bland of a name, and I have used "Sanchez" before.

- Harlee's name was originally "Danielle," when she was first introduced as a sexy brunette (instead of her jet black hair and dark image in the current version). Then her name was changed to "Janelle," but after browsing through the web and encountering a wiki article on the old batman cartoons, I decided to name her "Harlee," because I was bored with the other names but I didn't know what to change them to. Personality wise, Harlee's pretty much the same, except she's more sarcastic in the current version.

[Written from October 2008 - February 2009]
- Forty-two Junior and Senior high school students were kidnappped and thrown into a deserted island in order to participate in a government experiment. They're told they've been chosen to partake in a "game." The rules? They have three days to kill each other until only one person is left standing. How will these students react when pushed to the absolute limit? Friends become enemies and lovers become fighters as the students fight to ensure their own survival. Will the students band together to overthrow the government's twisted plan, or will they collapse and turn on each other? What other surprises awaits these unwilling participants? All of this and more, revealed, in the new saga of Battle Royale...
[Original Version]

- This story is based on off a Japanese called movie called...shocking, Battle Royale, written by Kenta Fukasaku and directed by his father, Kinji Fukasaku. The Japanese film was based off of the novel of the same name, which was written by Koushun Takami. Later, a manga was released, which produced fifteen volumes, all written by Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi.  The basic premises are more or less the same, although the characters in the original and the characters in my version are completely different.

- Kylie Arkins is based off of....*gasp*....Kylie Minogue! I used Kylie Mingoue's look in her video, "Love At First Sight," as the basis for designing her fictional counterpart.

- Teagan Bowel is named after pornstar Teagan Presley.

- Felix Moss's original name was Kyle Moss, but I changed it to Felix because I was getting confused with having both a Kylie and a Kyle. He was modeled after a character in Parasite Eve 2.

- Jennylee Sanders is heavily based off of reality tv show contestant Jennylee Berns, even down to blonde bangs!

- Quincy Jackson was designed with Keith Hamilton Cobb in mind (when he had the locks).

- In the original Battle Royale, the video-girl was a youthful young woman, but in this version, she is an older woman with a Fran Drescher-type voice. Hot.

- Svetlana Dillingham's storyline was modeled after Chigusa Takao's storyline from the original

- Brianna Flores is physically based off of Jessica Lowndes.

- At 136 pages, this is the longest script I have ever written, and hopefully, ever will write!

- In less than four days after the original version was finished, it had its first revision. In this version, the whole "students battling enhanced-monsters" subplot was scrapped, and the students are solely just fightening against each other. Additionally, a new flashback was added and the scene with Eden, Adrian, Kendra and Felix was reworked.

[October 30, 2010]
"A young girl must decide between what is most important, her dreams of stardom or her soul?"

THE OLD AND FORGOTTEN (for good reason!)...

These screenplays are my first ones (aside from, the last one), but only few of them were completed and actually shown to others. These are all pretty terrible, but  I do like some of the characters though, and even to this day, I'm still re-using some of them, with Sachi Kasai and Jade Luan being the most recent examples.

- My first ACTUAL script, written a year before SCYTHE. It's God-awful and the format's all wrong, so I disregarded it. Before the completed version, there were two drafts (all which uses the same characters), and a sequel (titled FANGS) was planned, but Written in my sophomore year of high school. It's about a zombie-fied werewolf that eats people.

TRAPPED - Draft #1. Kids trapped in a school and they fight to get out.

FORBIDDEN TOUCH - Draft #2. I honestly can't remember.

- The sequel to BITE WOUNDS. Spawned two short drafts before I said "fuck it" and gave up. This was the beginning of a year-and-a-half long writer's block where I, for the LIFE of me, COULD NOT write anything good AT ALL. MARK was the last thing written before the block, and ONYX and ANGELS were the only successful projects to come out of that period. I remember that someone had said that this sucked, and it really, really hurt my feelings. Hahaha, I thought I would never write again. But I posted it on some other site and it actually got a good comment...weird... But yeah, this was written in my senior year of high school.

- Draft #1

- Made it before SCYTHE. I did all of this in one night, and by the time I went to work on it again, I quickly got bored and abandoned it. It's about these people in a Survivor-like reality show. This is the birth place of many characters who actually turned out to be great in other writings.

 - Jade Luan - Playable character in Onyx
 - Zane (renamed to Issac) & Trevor  Smith -  Villains in Angels
 - Sachi Kasai - A main character in Goblin
 - Benito Reyes (changed to Martinez) - A main character in Closed Shut whose role, unfortunately, was severely cut down in the most recent revision
 - Anya Collins (changed to Note) - NPC in Onyx
 - Hitomi Amano (changed to Toshiba) - A main character in Youth

- Slade (changed to Shane), Serena, Candice, and Malik were re-used for Scythe, which has now been scrapped, so now they're nothing. Alden was re-used for Scythe too, but now he, along with Angela, are going to be included in THE SHADOW, my next planned screenplay.

- My first completed screenplay that I wasn't ashamed of, but a las, that was almost ten years ago. This one was mainly about a demon stalking Angela and her suicidal tendencies. This was very character-driven, and while I could revise it and make it a lot better...I just don't want to. It'd still be the worst one in comparisons to the other screenplays I'm actually not ashamed of. Oh, and... Chika Ochi = Jade Luan. I had just started Onyx while working on this (I originally canceled Scythe, but revived it a few months later and then noticed I was using two characters with the exact same name and personality). The only characters who I will take from this are Alden and Angela.

- Written in my sophomore year of high school, this started out as a short on fictionpress. I only wrote this to test myself, to see if I could actually finish something, in which I did. It was about a group of people who entered a house but became marked with death, an idea taken from a comic I wrote as a child with the same premise (which was called INSTANT EYE). If I ever decided to do this again, I will actually stay true to the original comic and it'd be a dark fantasy, just like the comic, which I strangely still remember despite not having seen it for almost a decade now. The characters Danielle and Raquel, in the script version, are based off of my 10th grade crushes.

[Fictionpress Version]

- A group of friends gets stranded by an old Amusement Park, which is actually a cover-up for a secret laboratory where horrifying experiments took place. Now serving as a torture chamber, the friends are attacked and kidnapped by these deformed freaks, who chase after and murder the kids that try to escape. At only 90 pages, this is the shortest screenplay I've ever written.

- In my final year of high school, I submitted my first revision of Tarot Cards to simplyscripts. Someone read it, and actually emailed me asking me to write a script for them with this idea they had in mind. Being a young, desperate and foolish writer, I quickly accepted, despite being severely limited in my writing ability at the time. The guy gave me the plot he wanted to use, the characters he wanted me to use, and the settings as well and he also had the first twelve pages already written...all I had to do was write it, and so I did, but the problem was that I quickly became bored his premise and his characters. I ran out of ideas and storylines for them and was quickly left with nothing to do, so I decided to put a few twists of my own into the story and added in two new characters, Wayne and Cassidy, which he did not like at all. After ignoring me, he said the script was too cartoonish and was nothing at all what he had in mind, and that was the last time I spoke to him.

- Feeling down, but not too surprised, I sent the script to Simplyscripts to gain feedback so I could avoid this in the future and improve my writing. wasn't too trashed it, it got a lot of "it has potential/some scenes were good" comments, but mostly, his ideas were trashed while mine (the secret lab, how some of the villains looked) my praised. It kind of felt good. However, he then slammed me for "stealing his concept" and passing up as my own, and labeled me a hypocrite and because I asked for credit for this. I simply told him that I was just trying to improve my own writing, that I had no interest in ever acknowledging Surge again, and I even stated that the storyline and the characters were not 100% my own (though about 45-50% were, even if he was looking for Wrong Turn but got Hostel instead). Interestingly enough, the characters Edward and Alana, and Edward's experiments, all which play a crucial role in CLOSED SHUT, came from this. Since that part at least was 100% me and my ideas...I felt as if it was okay to use it.

-Nonetheless, Surge was giant learning experience for me. First off, it taught me to wait. I was not a strong enough writer yet and I shouldn't have been writing stuff for anyone. Secondly, if I'm ever put in this position again, I know to write what the person actually  wants me to write and do the very best I can, even if I don't like the idea.

[March - June 2010]
-ARDEN WILLIS and five of his friends reunite to visit the newly reopened CAMP SAPPHIRE, a popular camping resort for youth and young adults. What was meant to be a fun week of sunshine and innocent fun quickly turns sour when the group learns the reason behind the camp closing down in the first place. Less than twelve hours after settling in, the group is attacked by an unseen villain, who uses their biggest fears and insecurities to break them apart mentally before delivering the fatal blow. Soon, it becomes up to one girl to figure out the situation and try to keep her friends sane long enough to band together and defeat the foe. The problem....can she do it? And is the creature trying to murder them the one in charge.....or does he/she/it have a boss?

~ Oh my word--this is horrendous. Probably the most trainwrecky thing I've written in a long while. It's so bad, I don't even like to look at it anymore. But you couldn't tell me that when it was first written, though. Ick.

That said, I do think it has potential, and I am working on transforming it into something bigger/better. It wouldn't be a script, but I do feel that it is heaps and bounds better than the hot mess it was before. Realistic reactions, coherency, and characters who, hopefully, won't make readers want to kill themselves are what I'm shooting for here, none of which are present in this dreck. Time will tell if I've improved in those areas with its latest incarnation, but I hope that I have...

[written April 2014]
 -- A group of teens are forced by their parents to attend a Christian Retreat to be rid of their homosexuality, but they instead become prey to brutal, nan-eating barbarians.

I may re-write this as a drama when I pick up the pieces of my heart. x.x Just kidding! But seriously, I'll get around to re-writing this sometime.

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