Manos the Hands of Fate

Manos the Hands of Fate

(Based on the movie by Harold P Warren) 

Michael Downing and Margaret Peterson are the textbook examples of an All-American couple. Forced to postpone their wedding due to severe rainfalls, they seek shelter inside a lone Motel on the side of the road. Things take a swift turn for the worst when the couple is separated and thrown into an enormous labyrinth sitting underneath the motel. The twosome make it their mission to reunite with each other, teaming up with two mysterious and quirky individuals along the way. Will the young couple overcome the plethora of deadly demons and dangerous traps to reach other other in time, or will a much greater evil expose the cracks in their relationship to claim Margaret as his own? .

> Experience the storyline through the eyes of one of the two leading characters.
> A New Game+ Mode
> Fast-based battles

> The game comes with a full walk-through and instruction manual

NAME: Michael Downing
CLASS: Fighter
As heir to a chain of hotels, Michael's parents have always made their expectations of him very clear. However, Michael doesn't let his wealth dictate how he chooses to live, setting his eyes on the beautiful  and artistic Margaret Peterson, who may not have much to offer financially. Set to be married, there seems to be no question in Michael's mind that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but is this true? Does he questions Margaret's motives for marrying him more than he realizes?

As a fighter, Michael gains his strength through the various weapons he'll find throughout the labyrinth. Each weapon has its own 'quirk', giving the player a bit of freedom as to how they want to play with him. As typical with fighters, he has high HP, attack and defense.

NAME: Margaret Peterson
Going up strictly middle class, Margaret couldn't even dream of one day marrying the heir of Onyx Hotels. While she easily could've been a model, Margaret gains more pleasure from the arts. As much as the town whispers about her behind her back, Margaret never lets the gossip faze her, but is there more truth to the gossip than she wants to admit? Furthermore, what is she hiding from Michael, and will it utterly destroy their relationship?

While she has a weapon, you probably won't be using it. Although she has low HP, attack and defense, her magic prowess is sky high, and she has greater resistance to status abnormalities than Michael, not to mention higher agility.

NAME: Debbie
A gifted little girl, Debbie seems to know a lot about the labyrinth, and even Michael himself. Everything about her is a mystery: how she ended up in the temple, her life before it, even her age. It's almost as if she doesn't really exist. Just who is she? And what is her connection to Michael?
Debbie is your ally for Michael's path. Although AI'd, you can trust her to do the right thing, as she even has a spell that heals the whole party.

NAME: Torgo
CLASS: Fighter
On the surface, Torgo seems like a gentle, if eccentric guy, but he's hiding a very dark secret. He runs the motel Michael and Margaret stop at on the side of the road and instantly takes a liking to Margaret, much to Michael's chagrin. When the weirdness begins, Torgo devotes himself to protecting Margaret, but from who? Or what?
Torgo is your ally for Margaret's path. As with Debbie, he's also AI'd, but his powerful sword-based skills will knock out most enemies with a single hit.

Swords - teaches powerful Sword-based skills
Spears - teaches skills that lower the enemy's defenses/attributes
Axe - teaches skills that drains the enemy's HP
Hammer - teaches skills that attack all enemies (and increases rate of scoring a critical hit!)

New Game+
If you finish both Margaret and Michael's path, you'll get the bazooka at the very start of the game. Also, an area that was sealed off will become available, at the end of which you could earn the Mega-Zooka, a weapon that teaches a skill so powerful it can destroy the final boss in only a few hits!

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