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STORY: Long ago, the Earth was a normal place, as peaceful as it could possibly be. Then an event known as the 'Cyberpocalypse' happened, where demons were somehow sealed on the internet and possessed anyone who went on a web page. Those who weren't instantly driven to madness managed to 'synchronize' with the demons, becoming Gatekeepers, but found themselves targeted by humans who either wanted to kill them, or drain the demons out of them. War erupted, with the gatekeepers winning. For thousands of years, they ruled the Earth, but the humans, who were forced to live underground, built new technology that allowed them to reclaim their world. A huge battle took place, making much of the planet inhospitable to all forms of life. Now, humans and gatekeepers alike live in the Dome, a city that resides in the only area of the planet that isn't toxic.

Gatekeepers must live in secret, lest they find themselves targeted by Madam Vlada Baltimore and other government officials, who dedicate their lives to purging the Dome of gatekeepers, fearing another war could break out and undo everything mankind has achieved since the cyberpocalypse.

But to young Paolo Garcia, a normal college student, none of this means anything. On the day of his graduation, he is attacked by the Dark Child, a gatekeeper killing other gatekeepers. He loses his life but reawakens as Ganymede, the spirit living inside him. In the nick of time, Ganymede is rescued by other gatekeepers: Aaron, Zayd, and Sammy, and recovers inside Dr. Perry's Virtual Cube. Later, the group recruits another newborn gatekeeper, Mila. Urged to fight with them, Ganymede and his new friends seem to be on track to not only protecting other gatekeepers from the feared Dark Child, who once destroyed an entire ward of other gatekeepers,  but saving the world itself.

However, things quickly turn south when Dr. Perry's sensor picks up another gatekeeper in Nichol's terminal station. As it turns out, the Dark Child was using the newborn as bait, and now has the group where she wants them. Disaster strikes, and by the end of it, Ganymede (renamed WILL by Sammy) is left all alone.

Will finds himself drawn to the ward of Endo, which is where Paolo lived. In the middle of the night, Will is confronted by a man named Leslie Campbell, who claims to be on a mission (from none other than Mother herself) to find other gatekeepers to stop a massive war that could destroy everything on the planet. So Will and Leslie head off to find other gatekeepers, finding themselves in a web of deceit that will force them to question not only Mother, but the reason behind their very existences...

A dark, ever-changing story
Branching pathways
Sandbox gameplay
Deep, strategic battles that will sometimes force you to use all twelve of your party members
Secret characters


 NAME: Will
AGE: 22 [at time of death]
 Once Paolo Garcia, he always felt the presence of another being inside him. When Paolo died, Ganymede was able to take control of the body, but pieces of Paolo remained inside him. As the game's lead character, you can control his direction, whether he accepts the Ganymede spirit fully or rejects it in favor of living a more human life.

Will fights with a Katana, allowing him to use devastating weapon-based moves. Also, he learns useful supporting skills, such as Power Up, which you'll most likely be using every battle after you obtain it. Probably the most well-rounded character.

 NAME: Leslie Campbell
Age: 40 [physically]
Infected by the 'web demons,' Leslie witnessed the cyperpocalypse firsthand. He was taken to a laboratory to have the spirit extracted out of him when he was somehow taken centuries into the future, where he drifted the Dome until receiving a mission from Mother to meet Will and find gatekeepers together. An old fashioned guy with a dry sense of humor, he is very focused on the mission and  believes in what he's doing.

Leslie's rapier-based techniques typically hit multiple targets, and for a while, he'll be the only ally able to cure negative status abnormalities. Many phantoms are weak against his magic as well, making him incredibly useful.

NAME: Fillmore Yudina
AGE: 32 [physically]
Fillmore has been a gatekeeper for a long time, and thus, he and his spirit are fully integrated. His career as a non-fiction writer and public speaker has only increased his thirst for knowledge. Lately, he's been talked to an entity searching for Ganymede, but can this entity be trusted? Always making wise cracks, Fillmore is, if nothing else, eccentric.

Fillmore has one of the few spells that attacks phantoms' GS, making him unique. Coupled with spells that stuns enemies, your party can only be stronger with him in it.

NAME: Robert Clayton
Element: Nuclear
AGE: 33 [physically]
Robert works for Reinhart Exterminators, an organization in Jones (unofficially called 'gatekeeper town') dedicated to slaying phantoms (called 'hostiles') and recruiting gatekeepers (called 'saints'). Robert comes in contact with Will and Leslie at Fight Club, where you can recruit him immediately, or see him again in Jones after he gives you his business card. A man with a good heart, his sole mission in life is protecting the innocent, but he is fiercely devoted to his boss. Will that come back to bite him?

With Slow, Robert is one of the most useful characters you can have in your party, especially in the early parts of the game. Also, his stats are higher than you would expect them to be. His spells have a chance at paralyzing the foe, making him even more useful.

NAME: Gage Ocampo
Element: Sun
AGE: 29
Once a dedicated employee of the government, Madam Baltimore started hunting him as soon as his spirit awakened. Now he finds himself running from the very organization he once worked for. Hot-headed and short tempered, all Gage wants is to find a way to his wife and twin girls, who, according to Madam, are now living in Central City and think he's dead. Will he find what he's looking for? And will he ever accept that he's now a gatekeeper, or will he keep convincing himself that he's still a normal human?

When it comes to dishing out physical blows, Gage is lethal. His 'Through the Heart' technique, at worst, gets you a free hit on the enemy each round, and at best, kills the foe instantly. Warning, if you get him AFTER you first meet with Pixie, you'll find yourselves pursued by powerful (and plentiful) government officials until after you find Zuri and return to Pixie.

NAME: Pixie Lyte
Element: Twilight
AGE: 28 [physically]
Snobby and vain, Pixie has been a gatekeeper for so long she has forgotten her humanity. In the gatekeeper age, she ruled over an entire kingdom with her friend, Zuri Sippho. A disaster ended her reign, and the rise of the humans forced her to live in the Dome. Whereas she was focused only on survival, Zuri wanted to thrive again, so the two parted ways. A century later, Pixie seems to be on the come up, owning a nightclub in the seedy ward of Bacher. She desperately wants to find Zuri, but she's too afraid of what she could find in the world outside of Bacher, or what could find her.

Pixie is a mage through and through. While her weapon-based techniques may not be up to much, her magic is some of the best and most useful in the game. Invest in her and she won't disappoint.

NAME: Zuri Sippho
ELEMENT: Spiritual
AGE: 25 [physically]
Once, she ruled a kingdom with then-friend Pixie (who, back then, went by her actual name, Emilia). With Pixie and Aevis, Zuri sought refuge in the dome when the humans took over. Unsatisfied with hiding in sewers and eating rats, Zuri didn't want to be a prisoner to her gifts. She wanted to show that gatekeepers could be successful even in the dome. So she and Aevis and Pixie parted ways, but Pixie seems to believe that Aevis is holding her against her will. Is this true?

Zuri's healing-based magic makes her one of the most useful party members to have. Plus, she is  the first person to learn magic that attacks all enemies. She's a dynamite when you first get her and stays that way.

ELEMENT: Vacuum/Non-elemental
AGE: 20 [physically]
More than anyone, Vau's connection with mother and Eura, the spiritual realm, seems the strongest. Despite how serious the situation is, her attitude remains bright and upbeat, but is it a front? Will meets her Outside of reality, where she seems to have been waiting for him. What was she doing there? Just who is she?

Vau literally is what you make of her. Her Draw spell enables her to drain spells from her foes, so if you use her right, she can totally break the game. Outside of that, her hammer-based techniques typically strike all foes.

NAME: Holly Armstrong
AGE: 26
Her whole life, Holly has been hearing 'whispers' from the Earth itself, which guided her to Will. She seems to have awakened as a gatekeeper only recently, but has managed to use some of her powers all her life. Though she has a guardian, Holly is very much an independent thinker and does whatever she pleases, having a tendency to get into trouble.

As the only person who learns spells that can halve damage from magic and weapons, after a certain point, she is practically a must-have. Her magic is devastating, and although her staff-based techniques may not be up to much damage-wise, they will enable her to learn useful supporting techniques.

NAME: Ethan Wyss
AGE: 25
As an employee of Kurain's guardian association, Ethan takes his job of protecting Holly very seriously, and she doesn't always make it easy for him. Unaware of his past life, Ethan feels a connection to Will he can't even begin to explain. He doesn't know Will at all, but feels obligated to follow him. Will his feelings for Will lead him to a revelation he won't be prepared to handle?

Ethan is the only character to use Ruby-elementals, making him incredibly rare. Not only are they high-powered, they strike multiple targets. His Mace-based techniques will earn you a few one-hit-kills.

NAME: Callisto Sasaki
AGE: 23 [physically]
ELEMENT: Crystal
Callisto is one of the oldest gatekeepers you'll  meet, remembering fully her life as a human and her life as a spirit, where she was married to Mercury, with Ganymede being their play thing. Thus, she has a deep, intimate connection to Will, and has always looked out for him. Long ago, she and Mercury went back to Earth to live there with Ganymede when the youngest of the trio wanted to return there. When the humans took over, she, Mercury, and Ganymede were captured and were to be burned at the stake. However, she escaped. But where?

Callisto is one of the best spell casters in the game, rivaled only by Pixie. Then again, as one of the trio, she has a lot to live up to. Not only are her spells powerful on their own, she can also lower defense to Crystal-elementals, making her magic even more powerful.

NAME: Dylan Perry
ELEMENT: Galactic
AGE: 56 [physically]
The son of a billionaire, Dylan uses his brilliant mind to develop various programs, such as the Virtual Cube. Ever since he  awakened as a gatekeeper and saw with his own eyes how ruthlessly they were being hunted by either the Dark Child or the government, Dylan has devoted his life to finding other gatekeepers to protect them from these threats. He knows that something huge is going to hit, but is he as prepared to fight it as he thinks he is?

To get Dylan, you have to first recruit Fillmore and find the hard drive in Cliffton, preferably before the Dreamscape sequence. You may have to work a little bit to get him, but with his high stats and high-powered spells, he won't disappoint.

NAME: Taylor Mead
Element: Shadow
AGE: 14 [physically]
Before she became the Dark Child, she was known as the child of promise, her village believing her magic was the work of God and meant to bring forth miracles. She was approached by a young Dylan Perry and studied by his team. Somewhere down the line, however, everything changed. Her powers transformed her into a child of darkness, who'd stop at nothing to kill others just like her. What is the reason for this change? And can she be saved?

Taylor's mystical prowess far outclasses the other warriors. She's a powerhouse when you get her, and she only gets stronger. Her sword-based techniques also pack a punch, most times hitting the target multiple times.

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