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                     The game is set in modern times, the year 2014. You are playing as CHAD DANIELS, a rather "moody" teenage boy who, unfortunately, lost his mother to a disease. His father ran out on him, and his Aunt is constantly sick.

                     Trying to be the best nephew you can, you assist your Aunt by trying to find her a pillow from your storage room...but...there's someone inside...a little boy.

                     You ask the little boy to identify himself. Instead, he screams and runs off.

                     Confused by the event, you go to check up on your Aunt...but she's gone, and to make matters worse, you begin to hear monstrous sounds coming from outside your front door. You are saved by an angel, who explains to you that the did is actually the "Onyx Boy", one who knows of the location of the Onyx, an is the object of pursuit by many powerful forces. The angel calls you the "Peditra", the only one who can connect with the Onyx Boy and destroy the Onyx.

                     So now you're left with two save the new world of Allumia, which is nearly exactly like your old home...or, find a way back to your own original world. Which one would you choose?
AGE: 17
BIO: Chad is a seemingly average teenager, however, his life has been difficult. His mother died at a young age from a genetic sickness, and he has to take care of his Aunt, whose eye sight worsens. His best friend Nikki constantly reminds him that he shouldn’t give up hope. Little does he know, her words will come true sooner than he thinks...
Chad is the main character, the character that you control throughout the game. In addition to learning Peditran spells, he also learns powerful sword techniques. Most of Chad’s stats are average, with slightly higher attack power. He fights with Swords and Pikes.
AGE: 17
BIO: Winter Sadu is the princess of a powerful nation. She was once a vile young woman, however, lately she has a developed a whole new personality, almost as if she’s a completely different person…
Winter, for the most part, is a very balanced character, with slightly lower stats than Chad. She learns useful healing magic and powerful holy spells. She’s a great substitute to use when Mary’s not around. She attacks with a magic staff that hits all enemies in battle.

AGE: 16
ELEMENT: Satanic
BIO: Jade is a Necromancer from late 19th Century China. She witnessed a horrible event in her youth that made her despise all men. She is very outspoken and has a sharp tongue, saying any and everything that comes to mind.
Jade uses powerful Satanic spells, with many of them attacking all enemies in battles. Her attack power and HP are how, however her defense is one of the best in the game. She attacks with sticks and axes.

AGE: 18
BIO: Tari’s parents walked out on him several years ago, forcing him to take on adult responsibilities at an early age. His group of friends aid him in taking care of things, and occasionally his bratty little sister. Tari is very wise, but can be a bit of a hothead at times. He is positive and doesn’t let anyone destroy his hopes.
Tari is one of the more powerful physical attackers of the game. He gains high HP, attack and defense. However, his Endurance and Mind Power are very low. He learns powerful gun techniques, which he can only use when equipped with a gun.

AGE: 19
BIO: Vernon and his wife, Mary, were both wild back as teens. Their suggestive lifestyle ceased when Mary became pregnant. Having no support from either parent, Vernon and Mary had to take care of themselves on their own. Vernon married Mary to take care of her and their child, putting his old life to rest for good.
Vernon’s stats are similar Chad, in that they’re both average. On the downside, Vernon’s HP and MP growth are low. However, like Chad, he uses powerful sword techniques as well. He’s strong against physical and bladed attacks.

AGE: 19
BIO: Mary, along with her husband, lived carefree when they were younger. She got pregnant, which resulted in an early marriage. Since no one would support them, they had to take care of themselves. Despite this, Mary has a positive attitude and a genuinely sweet personality. She constantly warns her husband about his occasional conceit.
Mary is one of the most useful characters to have in the game. She learns useful healing spells that assists all alies, although MP consuming.  In addition to that, she learns supporting spells. Her stats are the highest out of the females.
AGE: 16
BIO: Tempest is Tari’s younger and sometimes bratty sister. She has a hard head and never follows directions. She considers herself a “grown woman” and does whatever she wants. She might come off as ungrateful, but she really appreciates what her brother does for her.
Tempest, although a powerful spell caster, is dangerously weak in the physical realm. Her HP, attack and defense are terribly low, and she certainly is not the fastest. However, Tempest’s magic spells are easily the best out anyone, and most enemies are weak against her spells.

AGE: 24
BIO: Royle is a former police officer in the town of Mepori. Lately, the town has been experiencing kidnappings that he cannot solve. He had a suspicion, however he was seen as a joke and was fired. Royle was then motivated more than ever to solve this case, and to free the kidnapped girls.
All of Royle’s stats are pretty high, despite being a mage. He has a variety of spells with different elements, making him very versatile. You’d be doing your party a huge favor by having Royle with you.

AGE: 20
ELEMENT: Lightening
BIO: Evan is a friend of Winter who knows a lot about supernatural occurrences and the situation currently taking place. After becoming much more involved than he liked, he was forced to join Chad and the rest of the gang on their mission.
Evan’s basic stats mostly fall towards average, however, what makes him so unique are his techs. He easily learns the most skills in the game, and most of them are physical. He has a “Variety” of useful skills to choose from, and his “Refresh” skill can take you through most of the game, if not all of it.
AGE: 16 (Time of death, 17, if still alive)
BIO: Adrian, along with his brother, Tony, were involved in finding the Onyx long before anyone else. Adrian’s life unfortunately came to a tragic end when he was accidentally killed in a fire. Since then, he was brought back to life as a Rubian, to finish what his brother started.
At the start, Adrian is sort of an average character, but over time, he can quickly become one of the best spell casters in the game. Adrian’s stats are pretty decent, strong in all areas except speed.

AGE: 18 (Time of death, 58, if still alive)
ELEMENT: Crystal
BIO: Alexia Beckford was a High School graduate when her life suddenly ended. Mother Mira came to her with a special job for her to do. Alexia does her job to the best of her abilities to please her boss, even if she knows it goes against her better judgment…
Alexia is a pure spell caster. She is obtained towards the last part of the game, so she might be sort of a disappointment, but given time, she can easily become one of the best characters to have on your team. She is without a doubt the best mage in the game, and her Remedy spell is far superior to any healing spell.








Anonymous said...

could you pls tell where is the Zycon city ship store? I'm not able to find it

Adrian Clyde said...

I'm so sorry for responding so late! I'm sure you've probably figured it out by now or quit, so for others who may have trouble with this...

From the town entrance, take the first left you can. On the next screen, follow the road south. That will take you to a section with two buildings standing next to each other. The Boat Shop is the building to the far right.

In the future, if you guys have any questions, email me at and I'll get to you immediately. I'm always checking my email.

Axbolt said...

How the heck do I defeat Chantal ?