The Others

October 2015-
Two witches cast a spell that takes a horrific turn


A 1 minute film I actually made and directed! Currently being edited.

December 2014

A short story that tells the tale of a girl who was killed and spends her afterlife behind her mirror. She befriends a human girl, wanting more than just her company...

Draft #2


During my freshman year of high school, I wrote for two games. One of them was SELBERY, which was meant to be a stand-alone game, but as my friends and classmates read it and (unexpectedly) enjoyed it, I was tempted to write more, and SELBERY turned into a triology, with the final entry written in 2006, my senior year of high school. Originally, it was written for RPG Maker 2, but when I bought the game, it was entirely too difficult for me to use, so I decided to save the SELBERY series for another day. Who knows...if life turns out well, these will be produced into actual games. Hee hee...only time will tell...
CAST: (Playable)

                                                   ELEMENT: Savior
                                                   TITLE: The Nerd
                                                   BIO: Ethan is a normal teenager. He hates school and other important things in life. He has a girlfriend named Trina. He is a nice boy and very curious. He always likes to try new things.

                                                           ELEMENT: Caller
                                                           TITLE: The Mary-Sue
                                                           BIO: A positive thinker, Trina always has something good to say about every situation. She’s very polite and well mannered. She’s also highly intelligent to boot, always on the honor roll. Even after all this, there is still something about Trina that no one knows…a darker side…a side she, herself, doesn’t even know about.

                                                   ELEMENT: Fire
                                                   TITLE: The Tough Black Guy
                                                   BIO: Andre is a senior at Pikes High School. Andre is very smart, but he doesn’t use his intelligence and talent the way he should, leaving many of his classmates wondering how he even got to the twelfth grade. Despite his tough exterior, he really is a nice guy at heart.
                                                   ELEMENT: Water
                                                   TITLE: The Blonde Cheerleader
                                                   BIO: Lauren is a cheerful and energetic teenager. She’s always happy and nothing seems to bring her down. She’s very social, enjoying talking and meeting new people. Though ditzy, people love to be around her.

                                                ELEMENT: Devil
                                                TITLE: The Angry, Quiet One
                                                BIO: Keith is the “mysterious” one. He’s never at school, leaving many people wondering if he dropped out all together. He seems to know a lot about the supernatural things going on in Ethan’s life, and about Trina. He’s very quiet, not speaking unless necessary.

                                                           ELEMENT: Earth
                                                           TITLE: The Promiscuous Beauty
                                                           BIO: Lindsey is a student that goes to Mills High School. Lindsey has a talent in art, drawing beautiful pictures. Lindsey is definitely not the sharpest tool in the box. Lindsey seems to be hurting in the inside, although she tries to cover it up with a upbeat attitude.

                                         ELEMENT: Wind
                                         TITLE: The Arrogant Jock
                                         BIO: Josh plays on the basketball team in Pikes High School, and is one of the best players. A few year back, he was in a car accident. His sisters and his father were killed in the crash, while he and his mother survived. Josh can be a nice guy, but he mostly comes off as rude and bossy.

                                         ELEMENT: Space
                                         TITLE: The Annoying Freshman
                                         BIO: Jay Wilson is a freshman at Pikes High School. He is known for his nonchalant and devious attitude about everything, eventually leading to his expulsion. Jay is working with the Wise Man to help stop the evildoers. He joins very late in the game, however, he’ll bring many advantages to the team.


(The Wise Man, Selbery)

(Marvin, Selbery)

I may convert this into a novel at some point.

                                                       (Selbery 2)

(Princess Arielle, Selbery 2)

                                              (Selbery 3)

B L A C K - R I B B O N

        ...And the other, was BLACK RIBBON, written on the playstation version of RPG Maker while I was only fourteen years old. Originally, it was HEAVILY anime-influenced, full of cliches. In the summer of 2007, I pretty much had nothing to do, so I decided to play this game over and write it down, revising it. Needless to say, I changed A LOT. The anime-influences are completely removed, names were changed, dialouge has obviously improved, many of the cast received racial and ethnic changes (we need diversity in games), and scenes were cut. In all honesty, the revised version of Black Ribbon might as well be its own game.
         You can actually find Black Ribbon online if you look hard enough. If you decide to actually play warned. It's shit.
         Scans from the drawings of Black Ribbon REVISED. The lead character used to be blonde and bug-eyed. Now he's black and me! Anyone sensing a theme, here?
    CECILIA WOODMAN (formally just "Cilia Woodman"), LEON SAGA, and AEKIA CELSUS are probably my favorite characters from any of my game scripts, with only Ethan Velvet and Trina Jefferson (both from Selbery) behind them. Replaying this game, I'm still amazed at how fresh their personalities are (and of course they're even better in the revisions). Cecilia especially is a character that I cherish. She's the "anti-heroine", the opposite of the typical white-mage types in most role playing games. She's tough, she's vulgar, and ditzy. Quite frankly, she's a total and complete bitch, definitely a "love her or hate her" type character.
   Aekia Celsus is another unique character of mine. She and her girlfriend are the only female/female relationship I've ever done, and it's surprisingly developed fairly well. Aekia's personality is opposite of Cecilia, who is more of a child. Aekia is mature and collected, however, she has her own share of baggage, probably the most of anyone in the game...
   Once blonde, bland, and boring, this new Leon actually has a personality now. BLACK RIBBON is my first and only dating-ish game. The game's leading character can choose from five available females to fall in love with. Of course he doesn't have to fall in love with any of the women...but that would be boring.
   ELI SOUTH (formally an old white guy named "Elimos") and HURICAN....the game's main villains.


    In between SELBERY 2 and SELBERY 3, an entirely new script, ANGELS was written. ANGELS, probably the darkest out of all of my "games" (it deals with the apocalypse, and a religious guy shoots himself in front of the group), surprisingly ended quite nicely for the good guys. However, the game's main villain, CJ BLACKWELL, with the little power he had left, skipped town to find a way to revive the love of his life, NATAYA COLLINS. And that's where this game comes in...
    This series will focus on CJ and a new character, MAXINE POWERS. I'm not going to begin this one until years from now (in order give myself time to form ideas), however unlike my others one, this will not be an RPG, but an Action-Horror game. Basically, what I have written down so far is that the game will be semi-futuristic, and heavily cyber punk.
     Also, battles will go like this: CJ and Maxine are the only two human characters you can use in battle, though you can recruit other allies (demons) through CJ's skill, "Demonic Contact", in which he'll use his demon status to gain assistance from other demons. You can begin the contact by beginning either "Polite" or "Harsh", and the demons come in four basic personality groups:
           Sympathetic - Wise or kind demons who want to stop the upcoming war on the humans
           Arrogant - Either cocky brutes, or uptight snobs.
           Mood - Perky, angry, or depressed demons
           Foolish - Naive demons, egocentic demons, or flat out stupid enemies.
    You can have a party of six fighters at a time, and you can't recruit demons more than two levels ahead of you (they won't take your reponses seriously, telling you to get stronger instead). When you're finished with weak demons, you can let them go. Or, you can place them in the team's laboratory, where you can either use certain items to fuse them into stronger demons, or fuse them with another demon for better results. Some demons (and even weapons, armor, and extras) can only be obtained through fusions. You can only have ten demons in the lab at once. If you were kind to them (the more you use them, the more they'll like you), they'll give you an item if you choose to set them free. The better the demon, the better the item. The more rare the demon, the more rare the item.

         (Zayn the lead, Christina the angel, CJ the demon, Nataya the victim)

      (CJ Blackwell, Angels)

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