Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Okay, so a few weeks ago, I got some surprise reads from my script GOBLIN. Comments were...unfavorable, to say the least. They weren't bad, well they were, but nothing like "OMG it SUCKS! You have no talent!" or whatever. Someone was like they couldn't believe the dialouge or the characters or whatever (then the next review I got said they didn't mind the dialouge, but that's neither here or there... ;p ). So anyway, needless to say, I immediately started looking over GOBLIN, and the negative comments I got made so much sense. So I just finished it about an hour ago and I plan to re-submit it. I probably won't get another comment for like 2 years or so, but we'll see...

But good news! I'm starting CLOSED SHUT tomorrow! I honestly can't wait. It's honestly one of my writing pieces of writing ever. It's not my best, but I love the characters (Erin Douglass & Lucia Henry <3), I love the setting, and it's just awesome to me.

Now, with that said, it's been a little over a year since I've even looked at it, so I'm a little scared...but after I take my time trimming out all the fat (Bye-bye Darry & Benny!), I think I could have something incredible on my hands (or at least that's what I've been told).

I'm also thinking about making Joey Henry, Lucia's 19-year old younger brother, a little possibly start a fling between he and Erin. Since Benny's going to be written out (with his storyline being carried over to Anthony "Tony" Maxwell instead), Erin's going to need a new "love interest"...not that she and Benny ever had anything to begin with, just innocent flirting, which would be weird if a teenage Joey tried to flirt with a woman of Erin's age, class and beauty.

That said, Benny and Darry aren't going written out of the story completely...they'll just downgraded to be point where they're practically talking extras. They're gonna be around until the big scene in which the Museum reveals itself evil ugly self, and then they'll get hacked along with a bunch of other nonentities.

One last thing...let's talk about VANITY! It's a new RPG I'm making, but not to worry, for it will not slow down Complete Chaos's progress rate at all. Basically, aside from my screenplays, EVERYTHING is moving ever so slowly (don't even get me started on FORBIDDEN), but now that GOBLIN's been completed, I'll have time to work on some of the other stuff.

Here's some Vanity screens for you. I plan to make a separate page for it pretty soon.


PS: I have a job interview this Saturday. Wish me luck!
The Chelsia in Vanity is named after the bitch that was on Big Brother. Yay for originality!

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