Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's (GASP) my "own version" of an entirely separate story, Battle Royale, which is about a whole bunch of stuff, but to sum it up, 42 ninth gradeRs are sent on an island to kill each other in three days until only one is left standing. It was a cult hit in Japan (where it was made) and has a bit of a following in the United States (although the movie wasn't actually released here). It's a really great movie, despite being painfully predictable, so track it down ( and buy it! The subtitles were a bit choppy at times, but it didn't keep me from enjoying the story. The original had a sequel, and although I didn't see it (and don't plan to), I heard absolutely nothing good about it.

Anyway, my version is similar to the original, but different. I didn't want to just copy the same events of the first film...but use American names instead. That would be boring and a waste. The characters in my version are totally my own, and the plotlines/developmental/character arcs are mine as well, although VERY FEW were inspired by the original.

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By Yeaster

One dead...41 TO GO!

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