Saturday, August 21, 2010

Onyx 2 learns a lession in "giving less to provide more"!

For some reason, today I was playing through my old games (Onyx, Onyx 2 and Total Chaos). One of them made me cringe, I chuckled at some scenes from the other, and there was one I was pleasantly surprised by... and that one was Onyx 2. So I went back over the intro stage, touched it up a little...but the biggest thing I did for it was removing the facesets, which people have complained about since the day it was released (but I was too lazy to change anything).

So to summarize, Onyx 2 has a new download up, a version without the facesets. Sounds like a minor change, but considering what the facesets looked like (and how BIG they were)....some people may be quite happy with the change. I hope.

Here some screens showing off the change. A video or two may follow!

Anyway, for those who actually liked the facesets (all two of you =P), that download will remain as well.

Anyways, until next time...see ya!

PS: Complete Chaos's download count has reached 5000, and Total Chaos has reached 10,000. *plays Usher's OMG*

- Adrian Clyde

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