Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nightmare Update

Aside from Dracula's ending, the writing for the game is all done. Dungeon construction is done as well, so all that's left is copying what I have written and pasting it in the game. I didn't write it "correctly," so the process is taking longer than I expected it to (I do this for Gatekeeper and it's a breeze), so the game is ~almost done. Are you excited??? I sure am. My last completed game was Complete Chaos, which was, uh, a while ago. I also started working on Mystery Man Zero again, which had some trouble a few days ago (it crashed >.<) but should be all right now. After Sunnydale is completed, it's a toss up between Gatekeeper and MMZ as to which one will be completed first.

I haven't written much for Total Chaos in the last few weeks. The project isn't dead! Far from it. I just haven't been motivated lately, but surely I will, soon. Writing is really mentally draining, you know?

PS: I added a bunch of Nightmare videos on my youtube channel! I'll get around to adding them here when I feel like it (probably tomorrow).

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