Monday, December 22, 2014

Tis the season for updates!

Since it is unlikely I'll update anymore this year, I'll say happy holidays now!!! Yay!!! 2014 is almost over! Lord knows I can't wait.

ANYWAY, for about two weeks now, I've been writing a short story. It's my first, but I figured if I can write a whole novel, surely I can also do a short story. I started writing it after talking to a friend, who encouraged me to try to get something published. While I doubt it's at that level yet, I am happy that I was able to "finish" something this year.

So the story is called "I Found You," about a specter desperate to live again, even know all she knew is dead and gone. She befriended a human girl, and then jacked her body, so the story follows her past and thought processes. I submitted it to a writer's org, and someone called said the story was atmospheric, which was kind of the vibe I was going for. Yahoo! I named the story after a dance song called I Found You lulz. Maybe I'll post it someday.

I Found You

I don't know how long this is going to stay here, so, while you can???

In other news, Sunnydale is close to having a beta ready. All I really have to do are the final boss sequence and the endings. My last finished game was four years ago, so I'm excited to get this one out there.

I still work on MMZ when I can. I must be honest folks, I have no idea where this game is going. It started out sort of sci-fi, and while I haven't lost that vibe, I don't know what it is now. It's exciting and frustrating at the same time. Still, I know how badly people want this game, so I will try to finish it and have a download as soon as able, preferably a download that isn't crap. =P

That's all for now. Happy holidays and stay safe (which I didn't do last year @_@)

- A Clyde

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