Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Not Dead

I haven't been updating the Vanity and Complete Chaos sections like I should, seeing as how there have been quite of bit of progress from those games, but I've been lazy, so you know how that goes...

I've actually taken a break from RPGM to focus more on my writings. I'm almost finished planning a new script I want to write called 'TRIAD OF FOOLS," but before I start writing the actual thing, I want to revise all of my other scripts first. I finished "MARKED" & "TAROT CARDS" already, and I'm going to start with "YOUTH" next, so when that's over with (and let's hope it's soon), I'll focus on TOF.

About a month ago, I finished the design for the entire Forbidden cast (thank God). I'll upload those once I start uploading the actual chapters...which won't be any time soon, sorry. :(

So yeah, that's it. Now Vanity and Chaos screens, and plus a video of Complete Chaos coming very soon.

Later, buds!

- Joseph Clyde -

PS: New banner for Vanity! Take a look!

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