Wednesday, June 16, 2010


And it comes with a trailer! Enjoy!

Download Link:

The following issues have been addressed/fixed in this version, including:
- Graphical issues (mix-matched facesets begone!)
- Balance issues (enemies are slower in battle and the encounters are not as frequent. To compensate, the characters get more experience in battle and new equipment/items are MUCH less expensive. I also edited some of the characters' stats as well--some were seriously overpowered)
- Fixed plot-holes
- Cleaned up some of the language (when it didn't make sense)
- Dropped more hints for the player

Also, as a "treat" if you will, this new version contains exclusive material not found in the original game, such as:
- More optional dungeons
- Hidden playable characters
- 2 bonus endings (one good/one bad) that replace the original ending

The "standard edition" will be available too, encase anyone's curious about it....

- Adrian

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Jay689 said...

I'm definitely looking forward to playing this. I'm a big fan of your past games as well. They give me inspiration to try rpg maker again. Anyway, good luck with Vanity! I'll try and post a review sometime.