Monday, October 21, 2013


So, until last night, this blog was a total mess. There is still plenty of work to do, and eventually I am going to get around to revising the content, most of which I haven't looked at in over six years (eek), but I'm getting there! I've already been 6x more active in 2013 than I was in 2012 (hee hee), so progress is being made.

Before, the blog pages linked to a page, which I'm not even sure if people are still using, but anyway, last night I did away with my account for good (after having it since the days it was called I moved all of the content on blogger. Best decision I made all night. God only knows what took me so long to make ~the move, but I did it.

Of course, I am open to suggestions, so definitely let me know what you guys want/don't want. I am here to serve YOOOOU! [/Soulja Boy]

- A Clyde

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