Monday, May 4, 2015


Not hard, when my other games cost all of $0 to produce. =P

Basically, 'Sunnydale' has endured two computer crashes, the first which almost took 'Sunnydale' (and everything else I've done ever) out with it, but the game was saved by Gillware Inc, for a truckload of $800. My, I guess, now old computer randomly crashed last Thursday. I mean, at least the other time this happened, my computer fell, but this time, my computer just stopped working randomly. That morning, it was working fine, but when I came home from work, it wouldn't let me sign in. The DELL screen was on loop. And then eventually the automatic repair screen was on loop. What a drag.

Hopefully, best buy is extracting the data from my hard drive as we speak. Luckily, I had my writings up to date, but my games, including Mystery Man Zero, hadn't been updated (on my flash) for well over a year. Last year was hard enough without the few actual good things to come out of it being rendered obsolete via a computer crash. >.<

Anywho, gillware's services and best buy's geek quad combined has cost me over $1,000. Or close to. I still have Sunnydale's script done, but I've made soooooooooooooo many changes to the actual game, even after I gave the game to testers, so if Best Buy calls me tomorrow or Wednesday and says they were unsuccessful in retrieving my data, I'll be really, really disappointed. Crushed. And then I'll demand a refund.

PS: Omg, the weather lately has been a-mazing. Does this mean Spring is finally here??? 'Bout time!

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