Thursday, June 27, 2013


Okay, so, there's this rapper who also happens to be a huge gamer. I mean, it is ridiculous how knowledge he is about gaming, and his rap skills are nothing to frown at either. He has an entire webseries devoted to ALL sorts of gaming stuff: reviews, interviews with industry people and all sorts of goodies. His videos can be a bit camp BUT he is also very, very insightful. I enjoy him much. 

I have been out of the gaming loop for a good four years almost, but Hip Hop Gamer (HHG, as he is known), has slowly inspired me to get into gaming again. Prior to April (when I discovered him), I thought gaming was a part of my life dead and gone. Because of him, A Nightmare on Sunnydale and Gatekeeper will see releases after all, haha!

He also has a website:

Below is a video of him reviewing The Last of Us. Check him out!

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