Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Oh em gee! I can't believe it has been fourteen months since my last update!!!! Wowzers. Anyway, I have been working on stuff, faithfully, I might add, but I guess I just didn't think I had anything exciting to say? New Years Resolution alert, but that will change. Initially, I only wanted to dedicate this blog to my creative projects, but I think I want to make it a little more personal, too? That way, people will get a ~taste of the REAL ADRIAN CLYDE, whoever he may be.

Without further ado, I can almost guarantee that A NIGHTMARE IN SUNNYDALE will be out this year (!). I was aiming for a Summer release, but, um, I don't see that happening. But an Autumn release could be possible, if I keep chipping away at it.

Initially, I had meant for this game to be completed in 2010, the year it was started, but so many things "got in the way", so to speak, will I will disclose later. A lot has changed with me, and I have had to prioritize other things. I didn't think I would ever get into RPGM again, but I guess I just felt the need to indulge in some healthy brain candy. I am determined to get this game out and Gatekeeper as well, which  I am really proud of, so far.

So here's the deal. For the last...two months, I think? whenever things have been slow at work (or not, such as today lolz), I have been writing out scenes for Sunnydale (and Gatekeeper, too) and when I get home, I would do a little bit of dungeon-building here, a little bit there, and it's all starting to add up now. In terms of where the storyline is, I'm basically at the endgame. After I'm done with the current dungeon, I'll be pretty much done with the "main path", sans the last dungeon. All I would have left to do would be to write out scenes for a few of the side paths, which won't be difficult because, I mean, hello, I love writing!

As far as the dungeon construction goes, that is just about finished. All I have to do is finish Billy Loomis's dungeon, and the final one. That's it. Dungeon construction is by far my least favorite thing, so I just wanted to get it all over with. I figured if I could do away with that, then it would all but solidify 'Sunnydale's release.

I haven't updated the demon library yet, but that's the easiest part for me, so it's no big.

All in all, the end is definitely near. I'm pretty pumped about possibly having another finished game out there. No more demos for me. I contemplated releasing a demo of Gatekeeper, but nope! Demos have a tendency of slowing things down, because you start to get hyper obsessing about promoting your game and seeing what people are saying about it that you start to neglect your game, and that, my friends, is never good.

Onto other stuff. Really, the reason I've been so slow with RM stuff is because for the last two years, I've been working on something of a novel (which is 1000x better written than this blog post, I assure you). THE UNSEEN, it is called, a psychological horror-fantasy tale about a band of friends and their struggle to overcome a soul-sucking demon who compensates for its incorporeality by exploiting and feeding off their greatest and darkest fears. It is based on a REALLY shitty screenplay I wrote three years ago, but I thought the idea had some potential so I had decided to give it another ago (actually, the idea decided to give *me* another go; for six months, it just wouldn't get out of my head!). When I started writing the first draft in December 2010, I described it as "The Evil Dead" meets "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and"Silent Hill", but while it is still all of those things, last summer, I had a Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon (the first in over a DECADE omg), and The Unseen has since taken on much different path than I originally thought it would, which is actually a wonderful thing because the inspiration that NGE gave me helped mold The Unseen into the story I intended it to be (so many times I would hit a "block", forcing me to take a break from it and do something else; it was put on hiatus three times, the longest one lasting six months). It has been a long and hard two-and-a-half years, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel yet. I am currently revising my third draft and if I'm pleased with the results, I'll start hunting for editors and/or outside feedback. At the moment, I am very, very happy with this draft, but we shall see what the future beholds. The last time I read the first half of the manuscript was in November 2012, so, um, this process may last a while, haha.

I haven't forgotten about Total Chaos, well, not entirely. I'm going to go back to onlining it this week (along with Goblin, hopefully). I have a really cool premise in mind for it. In the end, I'm not sure how much of TC's SOURCE MATERIAL is going to be used, and all of the characters will definitely be involved (although some (Lindsay Lohan) will obviously be renamed), but this new idea is going to be so much more involved than the "original", and I can't wait to start on it. It's going to be camp, it's going to be part-satire (basically of things/types of people that bug me *to no end*), but it's also going to have a lot of hart. Basically, it's going to be BIG.  It just gets hard sometimes trying to juggle multiple writing projects, since my time is so limited because of my job (gotta pay the bills y'all). I really only have time to read The Unseen on weekends, so that gives me a few hours during the week to devote to other stuff I like, such outlining my next projects. Currently, I've been outlining (albeit off-and-on) Goblin, Dreamlover, and Total Chaos all at once, which has been totally easy all the time! Goblin, horror/comedy, and Dreamlover (which may or may not have been inspired by a Mariah Carey song lol), horror/sci fi/romance/fantasy/psychological, will get their own updates when I'm further into developing them.

- A Clyde

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